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FLASHBACK - NSA has CPU backdoors and everything is a lie

So a few researchers from the Russian cybersec firm, PT Security, recently found secret instructions inside Intel CPUs that allow them to disassembler and modify the microcode inside the chips. This is an extremely technically impressive hack that is about as low level as you can get. But it is not inventing a new hack, it is discovering undocumented backdoors that Intel have put into their own chips going back decades.

Suddenly, BAM! The US Treasury Dept puts PT Security on the Sanctions List and accuses them of being a FSB/GRU front company--a claim that cannot be disproven, so PT Security is now in the double jeopardy situation of having no way to clear their own name.

What a coincidence amirite?

I find this whole incident and Deep State coverup to be the most bleak and dystopian news in computing since 2013 when the Snowden leaks began. We all complain now about being peasant sharecroppers who just pay rent to Big Tech Oligarchs and Monopolies who own all computing infrastructure, the software-as-a-service, your iPhones and Androids. You no longer own your own computers and the noose is tightening for what you are allowed to do with your rental computers.

The punchline to this is that you are not even allowed to know about the lowest level NSA backdoors built into every CPU in every computing device you own. And if some hacker genius does figure it out and tells you, that hacker will be sanctioned, cancelled, gulag'd and finally drone striked by the US Govt.

i hate to say it, but Uncle Ted was right about everything.