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The Guardian: Regurgitating the Russia-Gate Canard

The UK Guardian, and particularly Luke Harding, lead author of Thursday’s Kremlin papers appear to show Putin’s plot to put Trump in the White House, are heaping still more discredit on what was once a respectable newspaper. This long story (long in both senses of the word) regurgitates "what are assessed to be leaked Kremlin documents" and adds a bit of drama by quoting an ex-UK ambassador to Russia calling the documents "spell-binding."

The story is all too familiar; this time, however, we are supposed to believe the all-out effort to help Trump is enshrined in purloined "Kremlin papers," which are unbelievably (literally) prescient – clairvoyant, actually. So much so, that they might have been written in the last month or two.

Harding and two other Guardian hired hands – Julian Borger and Dan Sabbagh – spin quite a tale about Putin ordering various Russian intelligence agencies to help an impulsive and "mentally unstable" Trump to become president. Now, whatever one thinks of Putin, it seems to me doubtful that he would go to extraordinary lengths to ensure that Russia would have to contend with a president of that kind of temperament with his fingers on the nuclear codes.