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I Am Lyme Anon

Activist Post Editor's Note: This is a personal account originally addressed to General Flynn that we received of one person's battle with Lyme disease, as well as many references about the origins and how the medical establishment typically addresses these cases. While we cannot independently verify some of the personal details, both the research and the treatment line up with what we have heard from many people close to us (including family members) who have been similarly afflicted.

By Lyme Anon

Dear General Flynn,

I am hoping to bring attention to a crime against humanity impacting millions of Americans who don’t even know it, thanks to Deep State corruption: Lyme Disease.

This disease nearly killed me, robbed my boys of their childhoods, drained my bank account, and destroyed all of my personal relationships. But that’s not why I’m writing. It’s what I learned when I went down the Lyme rabbit hole that rocked me to my very soul, brought me back to God, and turned me into a warrior, fighting for truth and justice.

I’m hardly the first person to write about the injustices of Lyme, but perhaps my perspective on it may help other Patriots find the courage to seek the medical help they desperately need, and avoid the tragic path so many Lyme patients are forced to take. Maybe my voice can help finally force the government to reveal the truth about Lyme, once and for all putting an end to years of conspiracy theories. Here goes it.

Why is Lyme a Cryme?

When Lyme first emerged in the late 1970s and early 1980s, it was described as more debilitating than syphilis, capable of impacting every single organ in the body, producing a broad range of physical and neuropsychiatric symptoms. In fact, the new "great imitator" Lyme could mimic the symptoms of over 400 diseases. Making matters worse, scientists learned Lyme could be transmitted through blood transfusions and maternal-fetal pathways, and suspected it might also be sexually transmitted. Lyme became the most terrifying disease to hit the world, until AIDS exploded in 1981, coincidentally around the same time, deflecting much-needed attention and research dollars from Lyme.

By the early 1990s, CDC aspired to develop a vaccine for Lyme...