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iPhone Sound Recognition: How to make your iPhone recognize sounds

With every new software update, Apple has been making its smartphones more inclusive. The brand has been adding features and functions that aim to make the iPhone experience more accommodating, making it easier for people with different needs to interact with technology. Because smartphone experience, in general, depends very heavily on a couple of senses, these diverse features turn out to be game-changers. Not just for many with impaired senses, but also for general users – remember how the “Live Listen” feature on the AirPods was designed to be a hearing aid but was also used by people in noisy areas?

Another such feature from Apple is sound recognition which was released with iOS 14 – Sound Recognition(not to be confused with iPhone song recognition aka Shazam). As the name suggests, the feature basically listens for certain sounds, identifies them, and then notifies the user. The function is not only useful for people with compromised hearing but can also be useful for those who like to isolate themselves from different noises while in certain circumstances. For instance, it is handy to let your iPhone inform you that the doorbell is ringing or that water is overflowing if you have put on your headphones for some peace and quiet!