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LiDAR will no longer be just a Pro feature with iPhone 13

Apple’s iPhone 13 lineup might still be a few months away but we are getting new rumors and information about the upcoming devices every now and then. It is tipped that a 120Hz display is finally making its way to the iPhone 13 lineup later this year. Apple is rumored to employ the LTPO (Low-Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide) tech instead of LTPS to achieve the high refresh rate numbers. The series is said to have a bigger camera bump as well. Now, more information regarding the cameras has emerged online.

According to a report from MacRumors, all iPhone 13 models will feature LiDAR. For the unaware, the LiDAR sensor is only part of the pro models on the iPhone 12 series. All models of the iPhone 13 lineup, including the non-Pro variants, are tipped to feature the LiDAR sensor. The use case of this sensor is limited with Apple focusing more on AR in the past couple of years. As the report says, “the expansion of LiDAR to all ?iPhone? models could be part of Apple’s plan to make AR and the underlying technology needed for it more mainstream.”

Apple also introduced ProRaw with the iPhone 12, which is a new format that combines RAW images with ?iPhone? image processing. These ProRAW files can be anywhere between 10 to 12 times larger than typical HEIF or JPEG files. It is rumored that the iPhone 13 series will have a 1TBG option.