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Medical Care for the Unvaccinated: Comply or Die!

For some time, the U.S. population has been consumed by the notion that socialized ‘health’ and medical care is a sacred right of all. This mistaken ideology has led to the creation of a medical system that is administered and fully controlled by the criminal state. The bulk of society has an instilled fear of being without what is mistakenly called ‘health care,’ and tends to make life decisions based primarily on this premise. Today, most of the entirety of this system is based on the dispensing of prescription drugs, continuous treatment, and surgery; which is germ theory idiocy, and the costs have become astronomical and completely unaffordable to the masses. This of course was a designed outcome, and one meant to enrich the few at the expense of all by creating a dependency on the state. It has been a grand success for the medical and pharmaceutical industries, and the political class, but a deadly nightmare for the rest of society, just as all socialistic endeavors tend to be. They are designed after all not to help the people, but to control them.

In order for this socialistic system created by government to work as planned, dependency on the state is mandatory, so universal participation was sought and solidified. Now, everything is controlled at the state level through regulation, restriction, monetary control, incentives, and welfare. Concerning treatment for what is erroneously called ‘Covid,’ all is based on national and international protocols. In fact, there are 354 pages of treatment protocols issued by the CDC, and none offer or require vitamin or nutrition needs to “Covid’ patients in ICU. This is a serious problem that can and will have devasting results.