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NATO’s Obsolescence: Ukraine, Turkey, Brazil and now Afghanistan

Ukrainian President Zelensky captured headlines once again with his reminder to the Washington Post and to the world that his country will never be a part of NATO. At least this much is what one can only infer from what was actually quite the complaint. The U.S. still won’t grant a membership path to Ukraine despite all it has sacrificed to be in the club. Washington says ‘no’, regardless of the many creative ways Ukraine tilts at windmills.

The latest rejection from Biden came with the reprimand that Ukraine still has too much corruption, and a highly insulted Zelensky deflected this, refraining from raising Biden’s personal role in Ukrainian corruption. Zelensky claims that not allowing Ukraine into NATO was a sign of Russia’s growing relative influence, a fair point and probably accurate. Of course for Russia’s influence to grow only at minimum requires the inverse corollary; that NATO’s influence is shrinking.

The antics in Ukraine with NATO are part of a broader pattern of events, no less recent, where the alliance exhibits an odd behavior with Turkey as well. It’s impossible to mention this without adding the collapse of the Afghan mission, and why the sudden pivot to Brazil can only be understood in this light.