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No Water No Microchips: What Is Happening In Taiwan?

Water wars are no longer from apocalyptic imagery. Something as dramatic is already happening in Taiwan, where a drought is causing chip manufacturers to compete with locals for water use.

Starting on June 1, in fact, the country will cut water supply for the major chip making hubs of Hsinchu and Taichung. Meanwhile, in the absence of rain, the alert level is rising to its highest.

The economy minister Wang Mei-hua said: “We need to further tighten water use restrictions in response, in advance of a scenario when rainfall from the plum rain is falling short of expectation.”

Typhoons are an important source of water supply for Taiwan. As there hasn’t been any last year, the country got little rainfall last summer.

“Especially in central and southern Taiwan, rainfall has been lacking from last October until now,” explains Greenpeace East-Asia campaigner, June Liu. “Furthermore, the delay of the spring rain makes the situation even worse. Domestic water use has been cut off two days a week since April this year in some cities.”