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November 1, 2021 – Vaccine Mandate Protest

11/1/2021 will be the first of several protests against the horrors of society. It will be a major awareness campaign to push back against the mandates.

This is the big coordinated day for you to take a stand. Whether or not you are vaccinated, if you think this should not be forced, please join the fight against mandates.


Our frontline workers – doctors, nurses, police officers, firefighters in every country – took a risk in the early Coronavirus days. Without knowing how deadly the disease was, they went to work to protect you and me. They are heroes. How do we thank them? “Get your shot or you and your family will starve.”

A high proportion of frontline workers do not want the Covid-19 vaccine. These are healthy individuals and know that their Covid risk is extremely small, and so the vaccine poses the greater unknown risk for them. It is not fair to demand that a person risks his or her long-term health to appease those who are at a higher risk, especially when the vaccine is available to everyone (other than children, who have zero risk).