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The Palestinian mind beats Israel's machines of war

An escape from Gilboa Prison in Bisan, northern Palestine, yesterday is reminiscent of the great escape in 1968 and an attempt to escape 20 years ago from the same prison.

The escape operation was a blow to the Israeli security service, as the prisons service and its various agencies take several measures to prevent an escape of this kind. The measures include:

All floors in the rooms are concrete with a layer of very durable reinforced iron.

Steel iron, cast with a special strong material, is put on the windows, which have early-warning sensors that warn the jailers when they are tampered with.

Thick reinforced concrete walls.

An internal 8-metre high fence with barbed wire.

Guard dogs spread across the prison walls, covering all the grounds.

A high barbed wire fence.

The street surrounding the prison is patrolled continuously.

Watchtowers are dotted across the area, covering the prison from every direction, both with the naked eye and high-resolution electronic cameras.