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Report: Tech Companies Are Fighting to Kill "Right to Repair" Bills in the US

Tech companies talk a good game when it comes to sustainability, but as far as "Right to Repair" laws are concerned, they're not big fans. That's according to report from Bloomberg which claims that, despite dozens of states considering proposals intended to make it simpler to fix devices, tech companies are working overtime to stop them in their tracks.

The report notes that, in 2021 alone, 27 out of 50 states have considered Right to Repair bills. However, of these, more than 50% have already been "voted down or dismissed." That's bad news because no Right to Repair laws makes it harder to, fix devices which results in them being abandoned sooner.

Contributing to Electronic Waste Problem
This then contributes to the growing e-waste problem. If people held onto their smartphones for just one extra year this would reportedly be equivalent to taking 636,000 cars off the road in terms of the environmental damage it causes (or, in this case, wouldn't cause.)

Tech companies doing their best to quash this legislation include Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Apple---all of whom have advocated against these rules in various states. In some cases, the companies advocate directly. In others, they hire trade groups who can fight possible legislation on their behalf.