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US touts renewed military drills after 'low-end' North Korean tests

President Biden's team says it isn't troubled by a new round of reported missile launches from North Korea, dismissing the latest barrage as a "low-end" outburst that doesn't represent a significant degradation of security on the peninsula.

“North Korea has a familiar menu of provocations when it wants to send a message to a U.S. administration,” a senior administration official told reporters as reports of new missile tests circulated. “Experts rightly recognized what took place last weekend as falling on the low end of that spectrum.”

Dictator Kim Jong Un’s family has fumed in recent weeks over Biden’s renewal of military exercises with South Korea — drills that former President Donald Trump scuttled following the 2018 Singapore Summit in a bid to foster the “chemistry” that he hoped might generate a breakthrough in the nuclear talks. Biden’s team is developing a plan to induce the North Korean officials to begin serious negotiations, but the recent outbursts from Pyongyang haven’t shaken its decision to reverse such Trump-era concessions.