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V for Vendetta Might Be Even Better 15 Years Later

There’s a point about halfway through V for Vendetta when a character is looking at headlines and sees one that reads: “80,000 Dead.” The thought that some singular event could have killed so many people is meant to shock both him and the audience. In 2006, when V for Vendetta was released, it probably did. But in 2021, in the midst of a global pandemic that’s killed almost three million people worldwide, it feels not just plausible, but all too relatable, and revisiting the film reveals far, far scarier notions than anyone involved could have possibly imagined.

Oh, and those 80,000 people were killed by a mysterious virus let loose by a conservative religious leader rising to power through fear and division with fanatical, violent followers who believe made-up news stories on a singular TV station. Yeah, safe to say V for Vendetta plays differently today. This is why everything that happens around those tragic fictional events feels unbelievably hopeful, inspiring, and cathartic in 2021.