When Mass Shootings Don’t Matter  | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

When Mass Shootings Don’t Matter 

Memorial Day weekend brought news of multiple mass shootings. Three masked gunmen unloaded dozens of rounds into a crowd gathered outside of a rap party in Miami on Sunday. Two were killed and at least 20 people were wounded. Another mass shooting in Miami on Friday claimed one life and wounded at least six others.

Hours after the Miami rap party shooting, a mass shooting took place at a crowded club in Houston, Texas. A man opened fire in the club, killing one and wounding two others before an off-duty cop shot and killed him. There were other mass shootings over the weekend in St. Louiss and San Antonio, both of which took place at social gatherings.

Mass shootings have plagued America for many years. It’s common for the media to focus on a particular shooting and ascribe it to their political enemies.

The media has given the public the impression that nearly all mass shootings are committed by dangerous white men. These white men are either deranged white supremacists, gun lovers, incels, or some other kind of villain liberals love to hate. Whenever a shooting grabs the media’s attention, gun control and hate speech laws are demanded immediately to ensure this “never happens again.” Liberals have done a very good job convincing Americans that mass shooters are white losers acting alone, and further that we need to give up some of our basic liberties to erase them.

But none of these Memorial Day weekend mass shootings fit the preferred profile. The suspects appear to be black in all the shootings. Most of these acts of violence appear to be gang-related or simply nightclub brawls that spiraled out of control. The rap show shooting looks to be a targeted hit carried out by hardened criminals based on the surveillance footage.