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"Soldiers and police officers must not abandon their own judgement, even if it means they sometimes have to disobey the ill conceived or mad orders of their political commanders." -- Sun Tsu



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May 06 08:03

Tucker Carlson Claims That '30 People A Day Are Dying After Getting COVID Vaccines' And Calls For An Independent Inquiry: Health Expert Slam Him For Misrepresenting Data

Tucker Carlson claimed that 'roughly 30 people every day' are dying after taking a coronavirus vaccine, sparking backlash in the scientific community on Wednesday night.

May 06 08:00

South Carolina is set to add FIRING SQUADS to methods of execution - making death row inmates choose between getting shot and the electric chair

The South Carolina House voted Wednesday to add a firing squad to the state's execution methods amid a shortage of lethal-injection drugs - a measure meant to jump-start executions in a state that once had one of the busiest death chambers in the nation.

May 06 07:56

Latest in Democrats’ War on Civil Society: Nashville Cop Ambushed, Shot Following 911 Call — Shooter Identified as Salman Mohamed

May 06 07:56

Mitch brings in some muscle: McConnell strikes a pose with two wrestlers and says his focus is '100% on stopping Biden' after Trump called him 'gutless and clueless'

Mitch McConnell struck a pose with two famous wrestlers in his home state of Kentucky as his personal showdown with former president Donald Trump rages on.

May 06 07:54

'It's racist and Marxist teaching': Parents who home-schooled their child in California and left the state over its 'woke' curriculum now fight to keep critical race theory out of schools in Utah

A couple who left California over the teaching of critical race theory in schools, are now fighting to keep the topic off the curriculum in Utah.

May 06 07:30

EXCLUSIVE: The Democrats are REALLY, REALLY Worried About the AZ Audit – All of Their Big Guns Now Involved

May 06 07:05

Exposed: Government-Sponsored Experiments on Aborted Human Fetuses at the University of Pittsburgh – FETUS TRAFFICKING

May 06 07:04

The Shape of Things to Come

So what was preordained has finally taken place. Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has now been convicted of the murder of George Floyd. While many, possibly even most, Americans would agree that Chauvin exceeded what was necessary in his use of force, the prosecution never proved that he intended to either kill or severely injure Floyd, nor could they demonstrate that any racial bias was behind what had developed after Floyd resisted arrest.

May 06 07:04

Manufacturing Hate

From Donald Trump’s swearing in January 201 through the Spring of 2020, public opinion on whether racial relations were getting better or worse in the US improved from a net worse of 65% to a net worse of just 24%. Perceived net racial acrimony was reduced to a third of what it had been three years prior, a three year period including the notorious Charlottesville rally:

The fire of racial tension must be stoked. When the flames stop licking and the embers begin to show, the regime’s corporate media arm instinctively starts rummaging around for kindling. They found that kindling in Breonna Taylor, Ahmed Arbery, and George Floyd. The were the logs tossed on the fire, a fire now burning as hot and brightly as it did when Trump was elected.

It may be impossible for this multiracial polyglot to function well but it could obviously function better than it does with the media merchants of mendacity so relentlessly peddling their blood-soaked wares.

May 06 07:03

UNBELIEVABLE: AP says Covid-19 vaccine reactions are caused by “anxiety” and are simply the product of imagination

The thousands of Americans who died or become seriously injured after being jabbed with the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) injection are victims not of the vaccine’s contents but of their own anxiety, according to the Associated Press (AP).

Officials from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a private corporation posing as a government agency, say that an “investigation” they conducted determined that people’s own fears are responsible for vaccine adverse effects.

“We knew we were going to see this,” says Dr. Noni MacDonald, a Canadian researcher.

The CDC looked at vaccine recipients from California, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, and North Carolina who reportedly became nauseous, started vomiting and experienced heart or chest pains after getting jabbed with the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) injection. The corporation determined that none of these symptoms resulted from the vaccines themselves, but manifested because of anxiety in the recipients’ minds.

May 06 07:03

Brutal Attack : US & UK & FR Navy Sends Aircraft Carriers to Fight China

May 06 07:03

Coca-Cola Racial Quotas For Outside Counsel Fizzle Out After General Counsel Reassignment

What do Coca-Cola and academia have in common? Failure is rewarded, so long as you are woke.

Bradley Gayton failed in less than a year as General Counsel at Coca-Cola. While not all the details are known, Gayton’s imposition of racial quotas on outside law firms doing work for Coca-Cola was an unmitigated public relations disaster, building on Coke flubs in attacking the Georgia voter integrity law, and employee training how to “be less white.”

We covered the quota controversy in these posts:

Coca-Cola Imposes Racial Quotas On Outside Counsel Staffing
Coca-Cola General Counsel Who Imposed Racial Quotas On Outside Counsel Loses Position
The racial quotas also were potential legal liabilities. After Gayton’s departure, the Project on Fair Representation sent a letter to Gayton’s successor calling on Coca-Cola to end the quotas:

May 06 06:58

Movie Review: Sacrificing Liberty

One is at a loss for superlatives in reviewing this stellar work, Sacrificing Liberty. First, it’s a state of the art, full audiovisual-impact documentary, finely honed by one director-editor-cinematographer-archival-artistic-retrievalist Matthew Skow under auspices of the TruNews Christian media network with the utmost care for the men of the USS Liberty—whether surviving, injured (174), or killed (34)—out of a crew of 294.

May 06 06:56

Another Yamina MK claims Netanyahu tried to entice her to defect with jobs, spot in Likud

Another Yamina lawmaker claims she was offered official posts and a reserved spot in the ruling Likud party by numerous envoys dispatched by Prime Minister Netanyahu.

“Thanks, but no,” MK Idit Silman writes on Facebook. “I’m not interested in that but in preventing fifth elections and stopping the chaos that you [Netanyahu] led the country to.”

She also says she is sticking with Yamina leader Naftali Bennett and backs his efforts to form a “good government in Israel” as soon as possible.

“I believe in Bennett’s path, the Yamina party and the ability of our wonderful nation to cooperate at this time,” Silman says.

May 06 06:46

Migrant intake center which opened a week ago in Long Beach Convention Center places 67 children in isolation after 47 of them test positive for COVID-19

An emergency migrant intake center that was newly opened in Long Beach Convention Center has placed 67 children in isolation after 47 of them tested positive for COVID-19, it has been revealed.

May 06 06:46

Kansas Legislature Rallies Around Election Integrity Reforms, Overrides Democrat Governor’s Veto

The Kansas Legislature has voted to override the veto of Democrat Governor Laura Kelly on some election-related reform bills — which reports said were meant to plug the issues raised during the 2020 election.

Kelly vetoed the said bills last month claiming that the legislation was “designed to disenfranchise Kansans,” according to a report by local media Kansas City Star.

“Changes to Kansas election laws that limit the power of the executive and judicial branch and tighten rules around advance voting are now law despite Gov. Laura Kelly’s objections,” the publication wrote, adding that the state legislature voted Monday to override Kelly’s vetoes on two elections related measures.

May 06 06:46

Moment migrant mom who was sent back to Mexico under Trump hugs her teen son for the first time in three years as Biden begins reuniting thousands of families in the US

The Biden administration for the first time Tuesday reunited a family separated under Donald Trump's 'zero tolerance' immigration policies.

May 06 06:46

Surveillance Video Shows Black Man Repeatedly Punching Asian Man Pushing Stroller in Unprovoked Attack in San Francisco (VIDEO)

A surveillance video shows a black man repeatedly punching an Asian man pushing a stroller in an unprovoked attack in San Francisco.

The violent attacker, 26-year-old Sidney Hammond, was arrested by San Fran PD.

May 06 06:44

Black Man Arrested For Brutally Beating Two Elderly Asian Women with Cinder Block in Baltimore Shop (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

A black man was arrested this week for brutally beating two elderly Asian women with a cement block in a Baltimore shop early Tuesday.

Daryl Doles, 50, was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault after he repeatedly beat two Asian women with a cinder block.

It is unclear if the attack is being investigated as a hate crime.

According to reports, the attack happened just after midnight at a liquor store in the 2000 block of Pennsylvania Avenue in Baltimore.

May 06 06:44

Biden says his tax hikes won't affect multi-millionaire CEOs 'even a little bit' but will improve living for the 'people he grew up with' in his defense of raid on rich

President Joe Biden delivered an impassioned defense of his plans to hike the top income tax rate for the wealthiest filers and hike taxes on corporations – saying it won't affect the lifestyles of wealthy CEOs even a 'little tiny bit.'

May 06 06:43

Fully vaccinated Kamala and husband Doug kiss with masks ON before she flies to Rhode Island where she picks up novel on 'white male rage'

Kamala Harris and second gentleman Doug Emhoff kissed through their masks Wednesday – even though they are both fully-vaccinated – before heading their separate ways on flights.

May 06 06:43

EXCLUSIVE: Arizona GOP Party Chair Dr. Kelli Ward Weighs in on Biden DOJ Interference in AZ Senate Forensic Audit

As reported earlier according to Garrett Archer at ABC15 in Phoenix, Arizona the Biden Department of Justice is going to “get involved in some capacity” with the ongoing forensic audit.

As we have been reporting for weeks now, Democrats are REALLY, REALLY worried about the Maricopa County audit.

Do not forget that the Department of Justice DID NOTHING as Democrats locked Republicans from ballot-counting rooms and drove in vanloads of ballots in the middle of the night!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Under the Constitution, verification of the vote is reserved to the states. The federal Government has NO legal standing to interfere!

May 06 06:41

COVID baby bust: US birth rate dropped by 4% to record low in 2020 - the steepest decline since 1979, CDC data reveals

U.S. birth rates fell to a record low in 2020 amid the pandemic, dropping nearly four percent compared to the rate in 2019, new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data reveal

May 06 06:41

California Covid variant may make people more ill than other strains and weaken antibody treatments while New York variant is more infectious but will NOT make people sicker, CDC study suggests

One coronavirus variant is likely to make more people severely ill while another is more infectious but does not make people sicker, two new reports finds.

May 06 06:40

Judge Strikes Down CDC’s National Moratorium on Evictions

A federal judge blocked a nationwide eviction moratorium that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention established last year as Covid-19 lockdowns put millions of renters out of work.

U.S. District Judge Dabney Friedrich in Washington said the agency exceeded its authority by issuing a broad moratorium on evictions across all rental properties. “The CDC order must be set aside,” she said in a 20-page opinion on Wednesday. In recent months, others judges issued more limited rulings blocking the ban in certain jurisdictions. Friedrich’s decision goes further, saying the entire ban should be overturned nationwide.

May 06 06:38

Watch Live as SpaceX Attempts to Launch Its Upgraded Starship Prototype Rocket [Update: It Landed!]

Update: 6:38 p.m. EDT: Starship prototype SN15 managed to stick the landing. As the case with SN10, a fire broke out at the base shortly afterwards, but this time a fire suppression system managed to douse the flames, in a process that took about 10 minutes. And unlike SN10, SN15 appeared to make a very gentle landing. By all appearances, this appears to be a major success for SpaceX and the Starship program.

May 06 06:37

This Month’s Super Blood Moon Will Actually Look Red

On Wednesday, May 26, the full moon will peak in the night sky. This month, not only are we treated to a supermoon, but we’ll also get to witness a blood red moon caused by a total lunar eclipse. April’s Pink Moon may have fooled us (sorry, the moon wasn’t actually pink), but the Super Blood Moon this month is going to be quite the red-hued sight to behold.

According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, May’s full moon was dubbed the Full Flower Moon by Native Americans since May is when blossoms finally bloom. However, this year, May’s full moon can also officially be called a “blood moon” thanks to the total lunar eclipse that is set to occur in the early morning of May 26.

May 06 06:36

Eta Aquarid 2021 meteor shower: How to watch

The Eta Aquarid meteor shower will peak Wednesday evening into early Thursday morning, giving curious viewers the opportunity to see debris from the famous Halley's Comet.

The second spring meteor shower of the year is expected to produce around 30 meteors per hour traveling at speeds of about 148,000 mph into Earth's atmosphere, according to NASA.

May 06 06:36

CDC predicts a 'sharp decline' in US Covid cases, hospitalizations and deaths in late July: Fatalities could drop to just 'tens' a week by September if vaccinations continue at the current pace, model shows

There's good news on the horizon for the U.S. Covid pandemic, and promising eCOVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths are expected to see a 'sharp decline' by the end of July, new models from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimate.

May 06 06:36

Biden throws support behind waiving intellectual property protections for Covid vaccines to allow hard-hit countries like India and South Africa to make copycat shots

The Biden administration is throwing its support behind efforts to waive intellectual property protections for COVID-19 vaccines in an effort to speed the end of the pandemic.

May 06 06:36

U.S. Military Doesn't Know Where Chinese Space Debris Might Land

The U.S. military is tracking an enormous piece of Chinese space debris which is expected to reenter the Earth’s atmosphere sometime around May 8, according to a press release from U.S. Space Command. But as the Pentagon points out, no one knows quite where it will land yet.

The space debris in question is formally known as a Long March 5B, the rocket that launched part of China’s Tianhe Space Station into orbit on April 28. As Space News notes, the reentry of this rocket is one of the largest uncontrolled entries in history and there are concerns it could land in an area inhabited by humans.

May 06 06:35

Data leak makes Peloton’s Horrible, No-Good, Really Bad Day even worse

Peloton is having a rough day. First, the company recalled two treadmill models following the death of a 6-year-old child who was pulled under one of the devices. Now comes word Peloton exposed sensitive user data, even after the company knew about the leak. No wonder the company’s stock price closed down 15 percent on Wednesday.

Peloton provides a line of network-connected stationary bikes and treadmills. The company also offers an online service that allows users to join classes, work with trainers, or do workouts with other users. In October, Peloton told investors it had a community of 3 million members. Members can set accounts to be public so friends can view details such as classes attended and workout stats, or users can choose for profiles to be private.

May 06 06:34

Researchers Create Free-Floating Animated Holograms That Bring Us One Step Closer to Star Trek's Holodecks

Back in 2018, researchers from Brigham Young University demonstrated a device called an Optical Trap Display that used lasers to create free-floating holographic images that don’t need a display. That same team is now demonstrating a new technique that allows those holographic images to be animated: goodbye TVs, hello holodecks.

Most 3D holograms require a special screen to be displayed, and even then the 3D effect is limited to a small field of view. Images genuinely look like they exist in 3D space, but step to the side and suddenly you see nothing at all. The approach taken by the researchers at Brigham Young University is radically different. Screens are replaced by lasers: an invisible one that manipulates a tiny opaque particle floating in the air, and a visible one that illuminates the particle with different colors as it travels through a pre-defined path, creating what appears to a floating image to a human observer.

May 06 06:34

Holy Hell, Peloton Is Recalling Both Its Treadmills

After a heated back-and-forth with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Peloton has finally decided to issue two separate voluntary recalls of its Tread and Tread+ treadmills.

In its announcement, the CPSC reiterated that customers should immediately stop using the Tread+, which was recently involved in an accident where a 6-year-old child died after being pulled under the treadmill. The regulatory agency also noted that Peloton had received 72 reports of adult users, pets, and objects being pulled under the $4,295 machine. Of that number, 29 reports detailed injuries to children, including abrasions, lacerations, and broken bones.

May 06 06:33

Scammers Score $2 Million from the WallStreetBets Crowd With Fictional Crypto Launch

A cryptocurrency scam recently pilfered at least $2 million from WallStreetBets enthusiasts, convincing them that they were buying into a new crypto coin connected to the popular memestock, according to a report from Bloomberg News.

For weeks, moderators of the notorious Reddit forum have warned users to avoid fraudulent scams based around the good WSB name. A post, tethered to the top of the group’s page, asks community members to be wary of offers related to WSB products:


People keep posting a press release about an “official” WallStreetBets distributed app. (Aka, a crypto pyramid scheme)

Nothing could be further from the truth. We are strongly anti-monetization. This scam has nothing to do with us.

May 06 06:29

Demand for Gold is Expected to Grow Exponentially in 2021

The difference between physical gold investing and ETF investing was stark in the first quarter 2021 according to the World Gold Council’s Gold Demand Trends data released last week.

Before focusing in on investment demand below a few notes on overall gold demand in the first quarter.

Total gold demand in the first quarter of 2021 was down 4%. However, because gold production and gold demand (jewellery, bar and coin etc.) are decentralized around the globe, and no one ever has a complete picture of all transactions. So the WGC adds up all the known supply and demand. If measured demand does not exactly match measured supply, then there is an X factor added to demand, because in the end demand should always equal supply. In the first quarter this balancing X factor increased by a whopping 247% over the first quarter 2020.

May 06 06:27

“China Is Not a Cow” — Beijing’s Ambassador to Australia

The Australian government has used newly enacted foreign veto laws to force the state of Victoria to cancel two agreements in principle with China. The decision provoked an angry response from China, with one diplomat complaining that his country was “not a cow … to be milked when she’s in her prime”.

No specific projects were agreed by Victoria, but in 2018 the state signed memoranda of understanding with China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRD) to develop infrastructure schemes as Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) projects, China’s programme for improving global trade routes.

Those agreements cleared the way for cooperation on trade, finance and development policy. They were followed the next year by the formation of a working group, chaired by Victoria premier Daniel Andrews and NDRC head Ning Jizhe. One aim of the group was to increase the participation of Chinese companies in Victorian infrastructure schemes.

May 06 06:24

I tracked my kid with Apple's Airtags to test its privacy features

I clipped a keychain with one of Apple's tiny new Bluetooth trackers, AirTags, onto my son's book bag and waved goodbye to him on the school bus. I watched on my iPhone's Find My app as the bus stopped at a light a few blocks down from our street.

But then the tiny "key" icon on the app stopped moving. The item was "last detected" seven minutes ago at a busy intersection less than a mile away. Traffic, maybe? Five more minutes passed with no update. Is there an issue with the app? After another 10 minutes, my heart started to race; still nothing.
Finally, the tracker was detected four miles away in front of his school. Relieved, I decided more information in this case was worse; I'd go back to just tracking my keys. Apple later told me the delay was due to the tracker needing to communicate with Bluetooth on other iOS devices in the Find My network along the bus route before the AirTag's location could be updated to iCloud and the app.

May 06 06:17

Regavim: The Israeli Faux Environmental Org Converting US Donations into Palestinian Evictions

OCCUPIED WEST BANK — In the village of Khan al-Ahmar in the occupied West Bank, dozens of Bedouin families are at risk of losing their homes and becoming refugees again by July. While it is the Israeli government and military that are enacting the demolitions and evacuations, their efforts are largely driven by a pro-settler nonprofit supported by American charities.

May 06 06:17

The Leaked Zarif Tape: What Western Media Heard and What He Actually Said

In the Anglo-American sphere, regime change evangelists, mainstream news, native informant media in Persian, and radlib analysts found their characteristic convergence: they distorted through an imperialist discourse redolent with confirmation bias what they had heard (or, in some cases, misheard). Two narratives emerged. The first advanced the tired trope of oriental despotism. Emerging out of colonial and liberal discourses and carrying into the present day, this trope imagines a dichotomous world between Western political agency and freedom on the one hand and an oriental or Muslim tyrant on the other, who rules through total control of his bureaucratics and subjects. The second narrative centered not so much on Russia’s despotism (although both the Soviet Union and Russia have received their fair share of such representations), but on the post-2016 obsession of the Democratic Party with Russia as the spoiler of “our democracy” — subject to a slight twist in this case, as the U.S.

May 06 06:16

Ophthalmologists now ethically obligated to denounce covid-19 vaccines, as 20,000 new eye disorders are reported

In just a few months, the World Health Organization received approximately 20,000 reports of new eye disorders that occurred post covid-19 vaccination. These reports include 303 cases of blindness and 1,625 cases of visual impairment! The European drug monitoring agency had never recorded such a severe spike in eye injuries until after the experimental vaccines were launched. These reports were collected by VigiBase and analyzed by the Uppsala Monitoring Centre in Uppsalla, Sweden.

About half of the new eye disorders were additionally reported to the U.K.’s Yellow Card adverse event reporting system, which was set up to monitor the influx of adverse events that were anticipated during this live, experimental vaccine study. Back in 2020, the vaccine makers had already entered into liability-free contracts with governments around the world. This has enabled mass vaccine injury with no recourse or accountability and set up the framework for a historic, worldwide holocaust.

May 06 06:15

Mushrooms on Mars? Scientists claim to have found evidence of FUNGI on the Red Planet

Microbiologist Dr Xinli Wei from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, astrophysicist Dr Rudolph Schild from Harvard-Smithsonian and Dr. Rhawn Gabriel Joseph, aka Space Tiger King, made the claims after studying images snapped by NASA's Curiosity rover on the Red Planet and the orbiting HiRISE craft.

Their study, was has met been with skepticism from the scientific community, argues that what NASA called rocks are actually fungus-like specimens growing in the Martian landscape.

The trio claim that these 'mushrooms' seem to shrink, appear and disappear over a period of days, weeks and months. In one example, the team says there is evidence of fungi resembling Puffballs on Earth 're-sprouting' in tracks left behind by the NASA Curiosity rover.

Taken three days apart with the first on the left and later image on the right. The researchers argue that these are mushrooms, with more 'growing' by the third day of observation

Webmaster's Commentary: 
May 06 06:08

Let the Depositions Begin! Taking the Fight to AFT in a Baseless and Maliciously Filed Lawsuit

May 06 06:06

BOMBSHELL: Dr. Mercola Makes Shocking Covid-19 Shot Prediction

May 06 06:05

Democrat hit squad is 'looking for dirt' on 20 'potential' Republican presidential candidates including Trump, Ron DeSantis, Tucker Carlson and even MyPillow founder Mike Lindell!

The Democratic Party is casting a wide net as it begins the process of digging up dirt on a group of Republicans who might challenge President Joe Biden in 2024.

May 06 06:05

Learn Why the 1986 Vaccine Protection Act Does Not Protect Covid-19 Injections

May 06 06:05

Peloton CEO apologizes for describing warnings about his treadmills as 'inaccurate and misleading' as company is forced to recall all 126,000 machines following dozens of injuries and one child's death - and share prices fall 14%

Peloton's CEO has apologized for a design fault in his $4,000 treadmills, after a nationwide recall was issued following dozens of injuries and the death of a child.

May 06 06:04

Biden team says it supports waiving patent protections on Covid-19 vaccines

The United States said on Wednesday that it supports waiving valuable patent and other intellectual property protections for Covid-19 vaccines to help expand production of life-saving shots worldwide.

“This is a global health crisis, and the extraordinary circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic call for extraordinary measures,” U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai said in a statement announcing the move.

The decision is a victory for progressive Democrats who have pushed President Joe Biden to endorse India and South Africa's call for a broad waiver of all intellectual property protections for Covid-19 vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics.

The announcement “is a critical step forward in the fight against Covid-19 and will be a game-changer in the global rush to put shots in arms and save lives," Rep. Earl Blumenauer said in statement. "What’s happening in India right now has made clear that time is of the essence."

May 06 06:03

People Are Calling Out Things Rich People Have Said Or Done That Are Extremely Out Of Touch, And It's Eye-Opening

The other day, redditor u/KateBeckinsale_PM_Me asked the question: "What are things you've (over)heard rich people say that shows they're incredibly out of touch with regular people...?"

Fellow Reddit users shared the out-of-touch things they've witnessed rich people do and say, and it's eye-opening. Here are some of the top-voted responses:

May 06 06:03

'It's child abuse': Outrage as school nurse is suspended for refusing to wear mask as she claims 'scared kids' are vomiting and SLEEPING in them

A New Jersey school nurse has been suspended from her job after claiming masks were child abuse, and refusing to wear one herself.

May 06 06:01

Amtrak Joe hits the buffers: President's story about conductor congratulating him for traveling 1.5m miles had RETIRED 20 years earlier - and his mother who he 'was visiting' was already dead

President Joe Biden's strange anecdote about reaching 1.5 million miles on Amtrak has come under scrutiny after key inconsistencies emerged that make it impossible to have occurred as he told it.

May 06 06:01

Wisconsin dairy farmer with two prosthetic legs sues Biden administration over 'racist' COVID relief plan that he isn't eligible for because he is white

A dairy farmer in Wisconsin who is physically disabled has sued the Biden administration over a COVID relief program that excludes white farmers, arguing the program is racist.

May 06 05:59

America will respond to 'reckless or aggressive' Russian acts, Anthony Blinken warns as he arrives in Kiev after Putin sent thousands of troops to Ukraine border

Secretary of State Antony Blinken has warned that the United States will respond to reckless or aggressive acts by Russia.

May 06 05:59

Beware: This dangerous new malware can steal your passwords and your cryptocurrency

Phishing attacks have spawned a slew of new malware threats in recent days, according to researchers who’ve identified a serious threat actor behind three new connected malware families — which have been labeled as Doubledrag, Doubledrop, and Doubleback — and another unrelated threat called Panda Stealer, which is a variant of a cryptocurrency stealer and is mostly being spread via global email spam.

Here’s a rundown on these new malware discoveries, including what researchers have found and the implications herein: Let’s start with a report from FireEye’s Mandiant cybersecurity team, which revealed malware strains that have never been seen before, with “professionally coded sophistication,” and that came in two waves of phishing attacks globally. These attacks hit some 50 organizations at the end of 2020, with the first wave reported on December 2 and the second wave coming between December 11 and December 18.