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May 6, 2021

May 06 06:03

'It's child abuse': Outrage as school nurse is suspended for refusing to wear mask as she claims 'scared kids' are vomiting and SLEEPING in them

A New Jersey school nurse has been suspended from her job after claiming masks were child abuse, and refusing to wear one herself.

May 06 06:01

Amtrak Joe hits the buffers: President's story about conductor congratulating him for traveling 1.5m miles had RETIRED 20 years earlier - and his mother who he 'was visiting' was already dead

President Joe Biden's strange anecdote about reaching 1.5 million miles on Amtrak has come under scrutiny after key inconsistencies emerged that make it impossible to have occurred as he told it.

May 06 06:01

Wisconsin dairy farmer with two prosthetic legs sues Biden administration over 'racist' COVID relief plan that he isn't eligible for because he is white

A dairy farmer in Wisconsin who is physically disabled has sued the Biden administration over a COVID relief program that excludes white farmers, arguing the program is racist.

May 06 05:59

America will respond to 'reckless or aggressive' Russian acts, Anthony Blinken warns as he arrives in Kiev after Putin sent thousands of troops to Ukraine border

Secretary of State Antony Blinken has warned that the United States will respond to reckless or aggressive acts by Russia.

May 06 05:59

Beware: This dangerous new malware can steal your passwords and your cryptocurrency

Phishing attacks have spawned a slew of new malware threats in recent days, according to researchers who’ve identified a serious threat actor behind three new connected malware families — which have been labeled as Doubledrag, Doubledrop, and Doubleback — and another unrelated threat called Panda Stealer, which is a variant of a cryptocurrency stealer and is mostly being spread via global email spam.

Here’s a rundown on these new malware discoveries, including what researchers have found and the implications herein: Let’s start with a report from FireEye’s Mandiant cybersecurity team, which revealed malware strains that have never been seen before, with “professionally coded sophistication,” and that came in two waves of phishing attacks globally. These attacks hit some 50 organizations at the end of 2020, with the first wave reported on December 2 and the second wave coming between December 11 and December 18.

May 06 05:52

Glitterbomb Trap Catches Phone Scammer (who gets arrested)

May 06 05:52

New Bill Would Ban Bitcoin Mining Across New York State for Three Years

A new bill that hit the New York state senate on Monday is aiming to put a multi-year pause on crypto mining operations across the state until authorities can fully suss out what that mining is doing to the climate and local environment. Bill 6486 is being spearheaded by state Sen. Kevin Parker, who had previously sponsored other bills to help the state meet its climate goals.

Bitcoin mining has come under increasing scrutiny for the staggering carbon footprint tied to electricity use to keep operations running 24/7. An analysis by Digiconomist puts the global mining footprint at around 53 megatons of carbon dioxide annually, equivalent to all of Sweden’s emissions. Upstate New York has recently become a hotbed of mining activity, and there could be more mines in the works.

May 06 05:51

BREAKING: Soros-Funded St Louis Prosecutor Kim Gardner Engaged in 62 Acts of Misconduct and 79 False Representations in Prosecution of Eric Greitens

This woman is a danger.

Last year St. Louis City saw its highest homicide rate in 50 years.
But after little to no action by Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner, state officials passed legislation to allow the state attorney general to take over homicide cases in St. Louis after 90 days if Circuit Attorney Kimberly Gardner hasn’t filed charges or upon request from the “chief law enforcement officer.”

Gardner, a Soros-funded prosecutor, has been a complete disaster for the City of St. Louis.

May 06 05:48

AirTag review: They work great—maybe a little too great

Apple's AirTag is not a revolutionary new product. Rather, it's a significant refinement of an idea that, up until now, has been fairly niche. It works very, very well, but it works so well it seems to undermine Apple's attempts to focus its products on privacy and security.

We spent several days testing AirTags in different situations, and we found that they work stunningly well—at least in a dense urban environment with iPhones all around.

I can't imagine recommending any of the preceding attempts at this concept over AirTags if you have an iPhone. (Sadly, Android users are quite literally left to their own devices—in more ways than usual, as you'll see later in this review.)

AirTags are easy to use, well designed, and relatively affordable. If you're in the market for something like this, they're easy to recommend. But we're a little more worried about what these AirTags mean for the people who don't buy one. Stick around and we'll explain.

May 06 05:47

35-Year-Old Woman Dies of Brain Hemorrhage 11 Days After Receiving J&J Vaccine

The family of a Michigan woman says she died as the result of complications 11 days after receiving the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) COVID vaccine.

Anne VanGeest, 35, died April 19 at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s hospital in Grand Rapids from an acute subarachnoid brain hemorrhage, FOX 17 reported.

“It is with profound sadness that we share the news of Anne’s passing Anne (Annie), who was 35, was a loving mother, wife, sister and daughter,” the family said in a statement provided by Lambert, a Grand Rapids public relations firm that is providing its services to the family pro bono.

VanGeest received the J&J shot on April 8, five days before the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) paused the vaccine to investigate reports of potentially dangerous blood clots in women who received the shot.

May 06 05:46

Restaurants Owned By White Men Are Last in Line for Relief Under Biden’s ‘Restaurants Revitalization Fund’

Restaurants owned by white men will be last in line for federal relief under the Biden administration’s “Restaurants Revitalization Fund.”

The discriminatory fund will prioritize businesses owned by women and minorities.

May 06 05:46

Feds Began Secretly Spying on Giuliani on May 1, 2018 -- The SAME Day He Became Trump's Lawyer

May 06 05:45

Forensic Evidence in Michigan Prove Voting Machines Had Unauthorized Implant to Circumvent Security

May 06 05:44

Is Melinda Divorcing Bill Gates Over Jeffrey Epstein?

May 06 05:43

CDC Director Urges Masks to Prevent Kids ‘Heavy Breathing’ Around a Soccer Ball

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky defended masking requirements for children in outdoor summer camps on Wednesday, arguing situations surrounding sporting events could be dangerous.

“We’re trying to make sure there is not a lot of heavy breathing around a singular soccer ball with five kids around it at the same time,” said Walensky, offering a theoretical scenario of five ten-year-olds competing for a ball on the field at a soccer camp.

Walensky spoke about the guidance for summer camps during the White House coronavirus briefing on Wednesday morning.

She said it is fine for vaccinated children to gather in small groups outside without masks, but that children should always wear them for larger events.
“What we’re really trying to avoid in this camp guidance is what we saw in outbreaks in camps last summer,” she said.

May 06 05:36

Banks are making UNPRECEDENTED moves in our economy. Here’s how to prepare.

May 06 05:36

Speech in 1967 Foretold America in 2022

People talk of Civil War in America but one man made a speech at UCLA in 1967 that told us the two conditions that would take America from disturbances and turmoil to full blown revolution.

He had noted the anti-police activity of the Left in the 1960s which had the approval of the Elite from New York City. They wanted to destroy Law and Order to make way for a dictatorial rule by them. He saw phony conservatives of his day who campaigned for restoring Law and Order but never would do what it took to change anything. This continues today in the form of Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA.

In that speech at UCLA in 1967 that man made a prediction for the future that is taking place now that will set the tone for a revolution as soon as 2022 or shortly thereafter. The second element needed for revolution against the Powers That Be, the Bankers of New York City, is Hyperinflation.

May 06 05:35

Placido Domingo to perform in Verdi’s opera La Traviata at Bolshoi Theater

Russia’s world-renowned Bolshoi Theater is opening a series of performances with an all-star lineup of opera singers on Wednesday. The theater will be presenting Giuseppe Verdi's opera "La Traviata," which will star such singers as Placido Domingo, Irina Lungu, Arturo Chacon Cruz, Zuzana Markova, Dinara Alieva, Elchin Azizov, Matteo Lippi, Liparit Avetisyan, and Vasily Ladyuk. The performances are set to take place from May 5 to May 9, the theater’s spokesperson Katerina Novikova informed TASS.

"From May 5 to May 9, the Historic Stage of the Bolshoi Theater will show the La Traviata opera, one of Giuseppe Verdi’s most popular masterpieces. World opera stars will perform all the leading roles. The main event of the May showings will be the performance of distinguished opera singer Placido Domingo in the role of Giorgio Germont (on May 6 and 9)," Novikova said.

May 06 05:34

Your move, Macron: Boris Johnson sends two Royal Navy vessels armed with cannon and machine guns to stop French fishermen from blockading Jersey in dramatic escalation of conflict with Paris over post-Brexit fisheries

Boris Johnson last night sent two Royal Navy gunships to Jersey 'as a precaution' in a major escalation of the 'unacceptable' row with France over post-Brexit fishing rights.

Armed with cannon and machine guns, the vessels will patrol the Channel after Paris warned yesterday it could cut off electricity to the British Crown dependency which is largely supplied via an undersea cable.

It is understood the Prime Minister made the decision to deploy the patrol boats after intelligence suggested a fleet of 100 fishing boats was threatening to block all access to the port at Saint Helier this morning.

May 06 05:33

Video shows Israeli settler trying to take over Palestinian house

“If I don’t steal your home, someone else will steal it,” was the answer given by an Israeli settler to Mona al-Kurd, a young Palestinian woman who accused him of stealing her home in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood in the occupied East Jerusalem.

The dialogue, captured on video by Palestinian activist Tamer Maqalda on Saturday, shows 22-year-old al-Kurd confronting the settler in the garden of her family home.

May 06 05:33

Biden to UAE crown prince: Israel normalization of ‘strategic importance’

US President Joe Biden spoke by phone with Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed al Nahyan on Tuesday, in his first call with the de facto ruler of the United Arab Emirates since entering the White House in January.

During the call, Biden hailed the Trump-era normalization of ties between Israel and the United Aarab Emirates, according to a White House statement.

“They discussed regional and global challenges, including Afghanistan, the nuclear and regional dimensions of the threat posed by Iran, as well as the common quest for de-escalation and peace in the Middle Peace,” the statement said.

May 06 05:32

Israeli settlers burn Palestinian lands in northern West Bank

Bashir Hmeid was at home with his family on Tuesday night when he found out his lands were burning through social media.

At first, he did not realise it was his olive trees that had been set alight by Israeli settlers near his village of Burin, in the occupied West Bank.

But a few moments after his children mentioned seeing the information on Facebook, the 65-year-old Palestinian received a call from one of his neighbours.

“[He] told me that the Israeli settlers were on our land and burning everything,” Hmeid recounted to Middle East Eye. “I ran up to the rooftop of my house to look at the fire, and saw there were multiple fires scattered across the land everywhere.”

According to the official Palestinian Authority (PA) news agency Wafa, residents of the settlement of Bracha torched swathes of farmland east of Burin overnight while under Israeli army protection and attacked three Palestinian homes in the village.

May 06 05:27

Israeli Man Trying To Take Over Palestinian Home Says ‘If I Don’t Steal It, Someone Else’ Will

In what Palestinian observers and advocates call a glaring example of settler colonialism in action, a video circulating on social media this week shows a Palestinian woman confronting an Israeli man who admits he is trying to steal her family’s home in occupied East Jerusalem.

According toAl Jazeera, Palestinian activist Tamer Maqalda recorded the footage of the exchange between Mona al-Kurd and a man with a North American accent named Jacob, whom al-Kurd knows because his family has already stolen half of her home.

“Jacob, you know that this is not your house,” al-Kurd tells the man in her backyard, who replies: “What’s the problem? Why are you yelling at me?”

“I didn’t do this,” the man insists. “It’s easy to yell at me, but I didn’t do this.”

Al-Kurd then pleads, “You are stealing my house!”

Jacob replies: “And if I don’t steal it, someone else is going to steal it.”

May 06 05:27

Israel, a settler colonialist project, craves recognition as a real state

We look back on seven decades of Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation and the international support, or lack thereof, for the Palestinian cause as violence from Zionist mobs unfolds against Palestinians in the heart of the capital of Palestine, the Holy City of Jerusalem.

The Palestinian cause has always been a core pillar of the Arab and Muslim homeland, the ummah, as well as an important religious issue.

The capitol of Palestine, Jerusalem, is home to the three major monotheistic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

And of course, the Palestinian issue is also an issue of anti imperialism.

Israel was created in the wake of a mandate under the British Empire. And the Zionist ideology consists of dispossessing Palestinians of their homes and giving them to Jewish settlers from Europe and elsewhere.

Let's take a look at 73 years of Israeli occupation and Palestine, and international support for the Palestinian struggle.

May 06 05:26

Belgian court has no jurisdiction over Iran diplomat: Embassy

Iran’s Embassy in Brussels discredits the self-proclaimed jurisdiction of a Belgian court that has sentenced an Iranian diplomat to 20 years in prison after accusing him of plotting an alleged attack against the Mujahedin-e-Khalq (MKO) anti-Iran terrorist cult.

The embassy released the statement on Wednesday, reiterating the country’s position concerning the February 4 sentence against Assadollah Assadi, the third counsellor at Iran's Embassy in Vienna.

In June 2018, Belgian authorities said that the Belgian police had intercepted a car carrying homemade explosives and a detonation device, claiming that Assadi had handed the materials to two people in Belgium earlier.

Assadi, himself, was apprehended in Germany the next day and told he could not apply his diplomatic immunity.

May 06 05:25

A first blow to Israel can also be the last: IRGC commander

The senior commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says the recent string of monumental security disasters right inside the occupied territories shows the Israeli regime’s sheer vulnerability.

“Israel’s security bubble has burst,” Major General Hossein Salami told a televised interview on Wednesday night.

He said the image that the regime had portrayed of itself through psychological operation has been destroyed, adding, “Today, you can see the [real] face of the Zionist regime in its actual proportions.”

‘Israel’s security, political, social disintegration’

The commander cited the back-to-back security incidents that the regime has been suffering over the past one to two months as cases in point that reflect its utter susceptibility.

The maritime incidents that have involved Israeli vessels, Salami said, showed how its trade, 90 percent of which goes through international waters, “can easily suffer serious obstruction.”

May 06 05:25

In landmark ruling, Iran’s Constitutional Council allows top military commanders to run for president

Under a set of new, specifically-defined qualifications, top military commanders in Iran are now allowed to run for president, and a long-running public debate about whether or not men of the military should be able to contest presidential elections has been effectively settled.

Iran’s Constitutional Council, which interprets the Constitution and vets candidates’ qualifications based on those interpretations for general elections, announced on Wednesday that earlier, broadly-worded criteria had now been clarified in specific detail.

One criterion says “ministers, provincial governors, mayors of cities with a population of above two million, [and] top commanders of the Armed Forces with the status of major general and higher” can now register for candidacy.

Formerly, the Council had to interpret a rather broadly-worded Constitutional article on the qualifications of president on a case-by-case basis for each nominee.

May 06 05:24

Watch out Macron & Le Pen? TV firebrand Eric Zemmour has topped French ratings with his takes on immigration, Islam and Napoleon

A household name in France for his ratings-topping work on TV and prize-winning books, Eric Zemmour is the most popular figure on the right, with one poll finding support of 17% for a run in next April’s Presidential elections.

When French TV viewers turn on CNews tonight, no doubt they’ll be expecting political journalist and award-winning author Eric Zemmour to mention the 200th anniversary of the death of his hero, Napoleon.

And the million or so viewers that tune in at 7pm from Monday to Friday to hear the considered views of the most popular figure on the French right on the Face A L’Info show will recognise the 62-year-old’s opinion from his 2014 best-seller The French Suicide.

May 06 05:24

Pfizer’s obscene $900m profit from its Covid vaccine in just three months proves capitalism and public health are bad bedfellows

The US pharmaceutical giant cashing in on a pandemic that has killed 3.2m people while failing to help the world’s poor is morally indefensible, and illustrates the corrupt nature of monopoly medicine.

As the New York Times reported, Pfizer generated hundreds of millions in profits in the first quarter of 2021, thanks to its successful Covid-19 vaccine. What’s interesting about the company’s success, however, is that its vaccine is one of just two widely used that are produced on a for-profit basis – and the only one whose manufacturer is not reliant on it to stay afloat. Pfizer’s windfall this year is, in essence, a windfall for monopoly medicine.

Unlike its Western competitors Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca, Pfizer decided early to profit from its vaccine. That profit margin hasn’t been disclosed, but it was predicted that this would be in the high 20% range. That means that, of the $3.5 billion brought in by the vaccine this quarter, about $900m is pre-tax profit.

May 06 05:15

Story of Russia's Alleged Role in Czech Arms Depot Blast Smacks of UK-US Psyop, US Vet Says

Six years after the blast in Vrbetice, the Czech authorities are suddenly pointing the finger at Moscow, although the country's security services have never had any proof of Russia's involvement. What's behind the sudden change of heart and narrative, and who benefits from the Russo-Czech spat?

Czech government officials appear divided over the alleged reasons behind the 2014 Vrbetice explosions: speaking to Novinky.cz on 29 April, Justice Minister Marie Benesova said that there are several versions of the incident, adding that her opinion is "very close to that" of President Milos Zeman.

Earlier, Zeman cast doubt on Prime Minister Andrej Babis' claims of Russia's secret services being behind the blasts. In last Sunday's televised address, President Zeman emphasised that the Czech Republic’s Security Information Service had never before mentioned Russia's involvement in the Vrbetice incident over the past six years.

May 06 05:14

Targeting People With Mental Illness and Dementia for Euthanasia

Afew years ago, a Dutch doctor attended her elderly Alzheimer’s disease patient at a nursing home. The doctor’s purpose wasn’t to examine the patient or prescribe new medicines. Rather, she was there to kill.

While competent, the patient asked to be euthanized when incapacitated, but she also instructed that she be allowed to say when. But before she did that, the doctor and her family decided that her time had come. The doctor drugged the woman’s coffee and, once she was asleep, began the lethal injection procedure. But the patient awakened unexpectedly and fought against being killed. Rather than stopping, the doctor instructed the family to hold the struggling woman down while she completed the homicide.

May 06 05:13

West annoyed that truth about developments in Ukraine is reaching UN - Russian diplomat

Russia will continue to infuriate the West by telling the truth about the developments in Ukraine at the United Nations, Russia’s First Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Dmitry Polyansky said on Wednesday after the UN Security Council’s Arria-formula informal meeting on Ukraine.

The meeting was convened at Russia’s initiative to hear witnesses of the May 2, 2014 developments in Odessa.

The Western colleagues "did not even bother to try to establish dialogue and ask those who knows more better than others about the details of what is going on in Ukraine," he wrote on his Telegram channel. "In response to sincere, fact-based stories about those hideous events that cannot leave any normal person indifferent, in response to personal recollections of what happened then, we heard the same old Western mantra about our destructive actions against Ukraine."

May 06 05:12


After weeks of wonder by the networking community, the Pentagon has now provided a very terse explanation for what it’s doing. But it has not answered many basic questions, beginning with why it chose to entrust management of the address space to a company that seems not to have existed until September.

The military hopes to “assess, evaluate and prevent unauthorized use of DoD IP address space,” said a statement issued Friday by Brett Goldstein, chief of the Pentagon’s Defense Digital Service, which is running the project. It also hopes to “identify potential vulnerabilities” as part of efforts to defend against cyber-intrusions by global adversaries, who are consistently infiltrating U.S. networks, sometimes operating from unused internet address blocks.

May 06 05:11

Facebook Board Upholds Donald Trump Suspension. Could His YouTube,Twitter Accounts Return?

Facebook’s oversight board has reached a decision on Donald Trump’s eviction from the platform, upholding his suspension but ordering Facebook to either reinstate him or ban him permanently within six months. The former president was booted from all major social media platforms in wake of the Capitol riots on Jan. 6.

The board’s decision is a blow for Trump’s dwindling chances to return to social media, leaving only the possibility of a return to Youtube and the slim odds that Facebook will decide to reinstate him fully.

YouTube has pledged to eventually reinstate his account, but when asked about a timeframe in March CEO Susan Wojcicki said that an “elevated violence risk still remains.”

“We will turn the account back on,” she said. “But it will be when we see the reduced law enforcement in capitals in the U.S, if we don’t see different warnings coming out of government agencies, those would all be signals to us that it would be safe to turn the channel back on.”

May 06 05:05

Government caught “scrubbing” Covid-19 vaccine injuries and deaths

Dr. Peter McCullough, one of the world’s premiere medical doctors who specializes in treating the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19), told journalist Alex Newman during a recent interview that the United States government is lying about the true number of Chinese Virus vaccine reactions that are occurring.

The government’s strategy, McCullough says, which is coordinated with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Health Organization (WHO), has resulted in tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths that are being ignored or swept under the rug. This is unprecedented because the government has pulled past drugs and vaccines from the market for far less.

Between Dec. 14 and April 23, Donald Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” jabs caused at least 3,544 deaths along with 12,619 serious injuries. Neither the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) nor the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), however, are at all concerned.

May 06 05:03

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Honored With ‘Profile In COVID Courage’ Award From JFK Library

“In the face of backlash and threats, @GovWhitmer invoked emergency powers to contain the spread of the virus, issuing early, controversial orders to close schools and businesses, mandate mask wearing, and ban large gatherings, among other measures to keep people safe,” the library tweeted Wednesday.

May 06 04:52

Piers Morgan Rips ‘Insufferable Woke Brats’ Upset Over ‘Snow White’ Consensual Kiss Controversy

Piers Morgan jumped into the debate surrounding the alleged “non-consensual” kiss on display at Disneyland’s updated “Snow White” ride.

May 06 04:51

Meghan McCain defends Liz Cheney in fiery tirade, warns GOP of dire consequences if she's ousted

McCain pointed to the four Senate seats losses for the GOP in the 2020 election as proof that betting on Trump was the wrong course of action for the future of the party.

May 06 04:37

French Navy patrol boat races to Jersey as tensions rise after Royal Navy called to ‘act of war’ blockade by 100 ships

A FRENCH Navy patrol boat has today raced to Jersey as tensions rise after the Royal Navy was called to the "act of war" blockade by 100 ships.

Angry French fishermen set off flares as dozens of boats began steaming in just after 6am as the huge row over post-Brexit fishing rights intensifies.

May 06 04:32

D.C. Mayor Added To Democratic Governors Association Amid Statehood Push

Democratic Washington, D.C., Mayor Muriel Bowser has joined the Democratic Governors Association (DGA) as she pushes for the District of Columbia to become the 51st state.

May 06 04:31

DeSantis Gives All First Responders In Florida $1,000 Bonuses: ‘We’re Funding’ The Police ‘And Then Some’

SUPER Thursday will see millions of voters go to the polls for the first time in two years tomorrow - after they were postponed due to Covid.

As a result even more contests than usual are planned, with polling stations open across the country to elect the Scottish and Welsh Parliaments, councillors, mayors and even an MP. Here's everything you need to know about polling day tomorrow.

May 06 00:30

Your guide to voting safely this Thursday (6 May)

1. Bring a face mask

You will need a face mask in order to enter, unless you are exempt.

2. Use hand sanitiser

It will be available at the entrance and exit, for use before and after voting.

3. Bring your own pen/pencil

It’s a good idea to bring your own pen or pencil, but there will be clean pencils available if you forget.

4. Keep your distance

Social distancing is key to help stop the spread of the virus. Just follow the signs and be prepared to queue – and factor this into your trip.

May 05 21:23

"You've Got My Back, Sean, I Appreciate That!" Sean Hannity Shills Caitlyn Jenner For Governor

MAGA Inc is throwing their support behind Caitlyn Jenner's embarrassing run for California governor.

May 05 19:49

Why Are Councils Recruiting Covid Marshals On 2 Year Contracts?

Coronavirus restrictions are due to end on June 21st. UK prime Minister Boris Johnson is on the record as saying that there will be no return to lockdowns thereafter. So why are local authority’s recruiting covid-19 marshals on contracts that run to 2023?

Data released today reveals that nearly 40 million UK residents live in covid free areas. 25 million Brits have had two doses of a vaccine and University College London is claiming that the country reached herd immunity against covid some weeks ago.

Yet according to The Mail Online, councils are set to employ “armies” of covid marshals to begin patrolling UK town centres and parks from July.

Let me guess ... just as everything is about to return to normal PCR test cycles will be turned up to 50 and we'll be hit with a "highly transmissible Indian variant" called Covid-21...

Every Scary Thing You're Being Told, Depends On the Unreliable PCR Test

May 05 19:47

Report: Students offered school credit toward graduation for getting vaccine

A columnist has revealed that a school in Washington state is offering a huge credit toward its graduation requirements to students if they take the COVID-19 vaccine.

"This feels coercive, like a form of bribery to push kids into a decision they may not want to make," wrote Jason Rantz in his MyNorthwest.com commentary.

The issue developed in the Chimacum School District in Port Townsend, Washington, which earlier had made its multi-purpose room available for the Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management and Jefferson County Public Health to deliver COVID-19 vaccinations to members of the community.

Rantz explained the high school was "bribing" students into taking the vaccinations, "making a medical decision that should be left to the students and their families."

May 05 18:00

Pelosi Praises Liz Cheney For Trashing Trump: “I Do Commend Lynne Cheney For Her Courage, For Her Patriotism” (VIDEO)

The most toxic and evil Democrat House Speaker in US history is praising the third ranking leader of the GOP.

May 05 16:00

White House: Biden Believes More 'Needs to Be Done' by Social Media Giants to Stop Harmful Content

Earlier, reports surfaced detailing that the ban imposed against former US President Donald Trump by social media giant Facebook would remain in place. The announcement was made by Facebook's oversight board.

Social media platforms must implement measures that will ensure untrustworthy information is not amplified as tech companies are responsible for stopping the promotion of harmful content on their sites, the White House declared on Wednesday.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters during the daily briefing that US President Joe Biden believes that "major platforms have a responsibility related to the health and safety of all Americans to stop amplifying untrustworthy content, disinformation and misinformation, especially related to COVID-19, vaccinations and elections.”

May 05 15:53

Marvel Boss: Doctor Strange Was Cut from ‘WandaVision’ to Avoid the ‘White Guy’ Showing the Female Lead ‘How Power Works’

The popular Disney+ streaming series WandaVision was originally set to feature a cameo by Marvel superhero Doctor Strange, played by actor Benedict Cumberbatch. But Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige said the “white guy” was cut so as to avoid him teaching Wanda, the strong female lead, “how power works.

Kevin Feige, made the admission this week revealing that the nine-episode series was going to feature a closing cameo by Doctor Strange. The sorcerer was apparently going to show and help Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) better understand the great powers she had developed during the series, among other ideas that were kicked around. Cumberbatch was even signed to reprise his role as Doctor Strange.

However, Cumberbatch was cut to avoid what Feige called the “white guy” coming in at the end to explain power to Wanda.

May 05 15:51

Biden’s Stimulus Springs Leaks as March Trade Deficit Explodes to Highest Level Ever

The direct stimulus payments that hit bank accounts across the U.S. in March increased incomes by a record amount—but much of it found its way into foreign coffers, pushing the trade deficit up to the highest level on record.

The U.S. international trade deficit rose to a record $74.4 billion in March with more imports on the books than exports, the Commerce Department said in a report Tuesday.

Exports of goods and services through international trade for the month rose 6.6 percent to $200 billion compared to imports of goods and services (up 6.3 percent to $274.5 billion), the report said.

May 05 15:51

Nolte: Democrat-Run Portland Basically Legalizes Rioting by Not Prosecuting Rioters

After more than a year of nearly endless rioting in Democrat-run Portland, only one person is going to prison, reports Fox News.

Between May 25 and Oct. 7, the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Oregon filed federal charges against 97 people connected to the Portland unrest. Since then 58 of those cases have either been dismissed outright or are on track for dismissal through a deferred resolution agreement. Thirty-two cases are still pending, with many likely to also end in dismissal according to sources. Seven people have entered guilty pleas.

Seven people pleaded guilty, but out of those seven and the 97 overall, just the one is headed to prison and only because he’s a moron who was caught on video with his shirt off trying to light the Justice Center on fire. Oh, and he had his name tattooed on his back.

May 05 15:05

European Union Approves Introduction of Worms as Food on the Market

May 05 15:05

Fired Atlanta Officer Who Shot Rayshard Books Reinstated After Civil Service Board Finds His Due Process Had Been Violated

Atlanta Police officer Garrett Rolfe, who was fired and charged with felony murder in the June 2020 shooting death of Rayshard Brooks, has been reinstated by the city’s Civil Service Board.

Rolfe was fired a day after he fatally shot Brooks in the parking lot of a Wendy’s.

“Due to the City’s failure to comply with several provisions of the Code and the information received during witnesses’ testimony, the Board concludes the Appellant was not afforded his right to due process,” the board said. “Therefore, the Board grants the Appeal of Garrett Rolfe and revokes his dismissal as an employee of the APD.

May 05 14:55

The New York Times Now States that Covid is Forever: Why You Should be Concerned

By Janet Phelan

An article in The New York Times, published on May 3, reveals a dramatic shift in the narrative concerning coronavirus and the future.

Gone are the declarations that Covid is a temporary phenomenon, to be defeated by masks, lockdowns and herd immunity. Quoting Rustom Antia, who is a virologist with Emory University, the article promotes the hypothesis that Covid is now forever.

Dr. Antia stated that “The virus is unlikely to go away.”


In a paragraph that might send chills down the spine of those yearning to be free from the yoke of virus restrictions, the Times article reports that “Polls show that about 30 percent of the U.S. population is still reluctant to be vaccinated. That number is expected to improve but probably not enough. ‘It is theoretically possible that we could get to about 90 percent vaccination coverage, but not super likely, I would say,’ said Marc Lipsitch, an epidemiologist at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.”...

May 05 14:52

Evidence: Voting Machines Had Unauthorized Implant to Circumvent Security in Michigan

Matthew DePerno, constitutional attorney in Michigan, revealed the forensic evidence shows Dominion voting machines had an unauthorized implant installed to circumvent its own security features.

DePerno said forensic images obtained in December 2020 show machines were connected to the internet, and evidence of “even remnants of foreign connections.”

“We’re the only case in the country that’s been actually able to look at forensic images,” he told War Room, Wednesday. “Dec. 6, 2020 we went into Antrim County and collected forensic images of [Dominion’s] election management system. We’ve been studying them since that time.”

DePerno and his team say they have “proof that voting machines used in the 2020 elections can be compromised and votes easily transferred from one candidate to another.”

May 05 13:56

At Dawn On June 10, 2021, A Partial Solar Eclipse Will Rise In The Indiana Sky

The morning of June 10th, 2021, will start like any other day. At 6:05 a.m., the sun will rise. Birds will begin to wake up and sing, and you’ll begin to wake up and maybe get ready for work. However, there will be something about this sunrise that’s a little less normal: on this morning, should you glance at the rising sun (with proper protective gear, of course), you’ll notice that there’s a piece of it “missing”. It’s not every day you get to see a solar eclipse in Indiana, so we recommend taking a look.

May 05 13:53

Brainboxes find new way to revive dead lithium-ion batteries It's called 're-lithiation'

Scientists led by Finland’s Aalto University have a found a way to revive lithium-ion batteries and to facilitate their reuse, pv magazine reports.

“Re-lithiation” explained
The process, called “re-lithiation,” aims t? reverse the gradual loss of lithium which accounts for the battery’s performance loss.

Through an electrolysis process the scientists managed to rejuvenate lithium in battery electrodes, and then compared the performance of the “refreshed” electrodes with those from a brand new battery.

According to the results, the re-lithiation process succeeded, and the capability and recharge capacity of the old battery were almost the same as in brand new ones.

The advantages
This doesn’t really mean that a revived battery can replace a new one, but that it can potentially reduce the cost and complexity from recycling battery components and materials.

May 05 13:48

Controversy erupts after Ivy League university excludes white people from new class

Story at a glance

  • Cornell University has defended a controversial course that has sparked criticism because it was originally reserved for minority groups.
  • A BIPOC Rock Climbing class was initially labeled as a class for “people who identify as Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, or other people of color.”
  • The course is now described as a class designed for “people of color underrepresented in the sport of rock climbing to learn the sport and to feel included and supported.”

Cornell University defended a controversial course offering that has sparked criticism because it was originally reserved for minority groups.

A spring semester BIPOC Rock Climbing class was initially labeled as a class for "people who identify as Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, or other people of color," according to the Cornell Daily Sun. But outrage over the exclusionary description led to a change.

May 05 13:24

Swiss billionaire reportedly helped Dems win 2020

May 05 12:32

Democrat AG Keith Ellison Seeks Harsher Sentence For Chauvin: ‘Particular Cruelty’

“Chauvin, who is scheduled to be sentenced on June 25, faces up to 40 years in prison for second-degree unintentional murder,” the Post noted. “Judge Peter Cahill would have to find there were ‘aggravating factors’ in Floyd’s death to go above the 12½-year sentence recommended under state sentencing guidelines for the murder charge of someone without a previous record. Prosecutors did not say in the filing how much time they are seeking Chauvin to serve.”

May 05 12:32

CNN’s Tapper Might Bar GOP Leaders Who Don’t Meet His Criteria For ‘Standards And Facts’

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) slammed Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) on Monday for not being a team player after she continued to divide the Republican Party by attacking former President Donald Trump. McCarthy’s comments come after Cheney continued to take veiled shots at the former president

May 05 12:09

60 Minutes: Swine Flu (1976)

May 05 12:07


The number one objective of a US president is to be reelected. To achieve that, it is not enough to be good looking or to speak well.

No, the only way to be reelected is to buy votes. The price of votes varies depending on the state of the economy. At the bottom of a cycle, relatively little is needed since the economy was about to turn anyway.

May 05 12:03

Trump Slams 'Corrupt Social Media Companies', Says They Must Pay 'Political Price'

Earlier in the day, Facebook's Oversight Board decided to uphold a ban on Donald Trump's account on the social media platform that was introduced in January following the Capitol riot.

Former US President Donald Trump has blasted Facebook, Twitter, and Google for banning him from their platforms, labelling their actions "a total disgrace and embarrassment". He called the trio "corrupt social media companies" and insisted that they must pay a "political price" for what they did.

"Free Speech has been taken away from the President of the United States because the Radical Left Lunatics are afraid of the truth, but the truth will come out anyway, bigger and stronger than ever before. The People of our Country will not stand for it! These corrupt social media companies must […] never again be allowed to destroy and decimate our Electoral Process", Trump said.

May 05 12:03

DOJ Targets Journalist Investigating Biden Family Ukraine Scandals

As part of an investigation into former President Donald Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani, the Biden Justice Department is seizing communications between the former mayor and a journalist investigating President Joe Biden’s business dealings with Ukraine.

Agents from the Manhattan U.S. attorney’s office and the FBI raided the New York residence of Giuliani early Wednesday morning. The investigation stems from at least a two-year-old probe into potential crimes of federal lobbying laws. Federal investigators seized Giuliani’s electronic devices.

The warrant presented, however, according to Giuliani’s lawyer, Robert Costello, raises questions surrounding the scope and motivation behind the investigation, where prosecutors began issuing subpoenas around the same time of Trump’s first impeachment inquiry launched by Democrats centered on conduct in Ukraine in 2019.

May 05 12:02

Breaking — Federal judge overturns national ban on renter evictions…

Federal Judge Dabney Friedrich struck down on Wednesday the national eviction moratorium, potentially leaving millions of Americans at risk of losing their homes.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has banned most evictions across the country since September. President Joe Biden has since extended that protection to renters until July.

Some 1 in 5 renters across the U.S. are behind on their payments.

The decision from U.S. District Judge Friedrich of the District of Columbia, who was appointed to the court in 2017 by President Donald Trump, is a victory for the property owners who’ve challenged the CDC’s moratorium.

It’s not yet clear if the impact of the decision will be widespread, said Diane Yentel, president and CEO of the National Low Income Housing Coalition. She was hopeful on Wednesday it wouldn’t.

May 05 11:52

First class (Picture)

May 05 11:51

Rudy Giuliani's advisers have been asking Trump to dip into his $250M fundraising chest to pay for his legal battles after he was 'disappointed' to not get a pre-emptive pardon

Rudy Giuliani's advisers are pushing former President Donald Trump's aides to dip into his $250 million election defense fund to pay his ex-lawyer who's now under federal investigation.

May 05 11:50

Disney targets kids as homosexual ‘pride’ month approaches

Disney, the former go-to company celebrating the wonder and innocence of childhood, is now peddling toys and clothing for kids awash in rainbow colors as well as pro-homosexual and pro-transgender messaging.

“The countdown to Pride Month is on with a colorful array of Pride products available now!” announced Disney on Twitter. “Plus, The Walt Disney Company is giving funds as part of our ongoing commitment to organizations around the world that support LGBTQ+ communities.”

Among the organizations promoting homosexual and gender dysphoria that Disney is financing are GLSEN and the ‘It Gets Better Project,’ which affirm youth that consider themselves to be homosexual or to have a gender identity that is different from biological reality.

May 05 11:50

Derek Chauvin's lawyer files motion asking for NEW trial citing jury misconduct a day after it emerged juror lied about being at BLM protest

Derek Chauvin's attorney has filed a motion for a new trial on multiple grounds including 'jury misconduct' and abuse of discretion by the court, just two weeks after he was found guilty of murdering George Floyd.

May 05 11:49

UN agencies and western donors reveal sexual agenda ahead of HIV/AIDS summit

Under the guise of addressing HIV/AIDS, UN agencies and Western-backed non-government groups called on governments to legalize drug use, and prostitution. This occurred during a General Assembly consultation last week where they also called for sexual autonomy for children.

Even though HIV/AIDS infections have gone down globally since 2005, the HIV/AIDS pandemic is still ravaging “key populations,” which include men who have sex with men, persons who identify as transgender, and drug users. According to UN estimates, 54% of 1.7 million new infections in the world each year take place among key populations.

“The struggle to end AIDS is linked with the struggle to end human rights violations, including discrimination and violence against women and girls, as well as the marginalization and criminalization of people living with HIV and of key populations,” said Winifred Karagwa Byanyim, Executive Director of the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS).

May 05 11:49

This is MEDICINE? The AMA says anyone who opposes transgender mutilation of children is “dangerous”

James Madara, CEO of the American Medical Association (AMA), issued an open letter to the National Governors Association calling all legislative efforts to stop the transgender mutilation of children “a dangerous government intrusion into the practice of medicine.”

According to Madara, permanently altering a child’s hormones with pharmaceutical chemicals and surgically altering their private parts “are normal variations of human identity and expression” that should not be interfered with by government officials.

“As with all medical interventions, physicians are guided by their ethical duty to act in the best interest of their patients and must tailor recommendations about specific interventions and the timing of those interventions to each patient’s unique circumstances,” Madara’s letter further contends.

May 05 11:48

Vaccine Propaganda Kicked Into High Gear As Globalists Roll Out 'Free Stuff' For 'The Vaccinated' - The Hideous Truths About Unethical Medical Experimentation On Human Beings

With the globalists drive to 'inoculate' everybody in the world with exactly 'who-knows-what' hitting a major road bump with a sudden drop-off in the number of people who actually WANT 'the shots', we're now witnessing a major uptick in the 'propaganda effort' to get people 'vaxxed', with the globalists unveiling 'Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World', a concert that won't be live at all but a 'virtual concert' that will be broadcast around the US on May 8th, nearly a full-week after it was pre-taped.

Being pushed by many all of the globalist 'news' outlets, including ABC, ABC News Live, CBS, YouTube, iHeartMedia broadcast radio stations and the iHeartRadio App, the concert will be encouraging people around the world to 'take' the 'experimental vaccine', and is being billed as the first large-scale music event for a 'Covid-compliant audience'.

May 05 11:48

Iran airs chilling fake propaganda video showing a missile blowing up the US Capitol as Republicans tell Biden not to surrender by lifting sanctions

Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards released a chilling propaganda video which depicts the United States Capitol being blown up by a missile and its soldiers ‘liberating’ Jerusalem.

May 05 11:39

Americans Are Fleeing Major Cities

The hottest real estate market in the country is Coeur d'Alene, Idaho which the media has historically dubbed "Whitopia."

May 05 11:37

Tucker Mocks 'Woke' CIA Recruitment Ad

Tucker Carlson on Tuesday night mocked the CIA's new recruitment ad featuring a "Latino mom" proudly describing herself as "a cisgender millennial who's been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder."

May 05 11:36

Shortage of Chickens

May 05 11:23

The true extent of the border crisis revealed, as 12 Texas counties declare emergencies

12 counties across the southern border in the state of Texas have all declared emergencies as the border crisis worsens, with local residents now feeling the detrimental and terrifying effects allowed by the Biden Administration.

As President Joe Biden and his administration continue to turn a blind eye to the ongoing crisis, even blaming the past administration for their failings, Texans are becoming more and more terrified, county police are releasing constant alerts regarding illegal alien activity, and kids are still being kept in those cages.

The dire situation in Texas

The actions of President Biden in his first day in office have directly caused the current crisis on the southern border, as he repealed many of President Donald Trump’s successful border policies.

May 05 11:22

Iskander, Pantsir and Armata arrive in Alabino to participate in the Victory Parade

May 05 11:20

GUNPOINT MEDICINE: Whitmer says freedom for Michiganders is contingent upon getting injected for Covid-19

Cruella de Vil, also known as Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, has ruled that the residents of her state will only be allowed to resume some kind of modified “new normal” once all of them agree to get injected for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19).

As she pretended to get her own “second dose” of Pfizer’s mRNA injection in front of the cameras, Whitmer proclaimed that freedom and liberty for Michiganders are no longer contingent upon the rights delineated in the Constitution, but rather on her own whimsical feelings about when it is “safe” for them to be reinstated.

“On our path to vaccinating 70 percent of Michiganders 16 and up, we can take steps to gradually get back to normal while keeping people safe,” Whitmer bellowed.

May 05 10:58

That’s a good one (Cartoon)

May 05 10:58

NYC schools cancel Columbus Day and rebrand it as 'Italian Heritage/Indigenous People's Day' for new calendar which also adds Juneteenth as a holiday

New York City's public school system has eliminated the Columbus Day holiday, replacing it with 'Italian Heritage Day/Indigenous People's Day' while also adding Juneteenth as a school holiday for the first time.

May 05 10:56

Lol (Picture)