"A liberal's paradise would be a place where everybody has guaranteed employment, free comprehensive healthcare, free education, free food, free housing, free clothing, free utilities, and only law enforcement has guns.

And believe it or not, such a place does indeed already exist: It's called Prison." -- Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Phoenix, AZ

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A number of new laws are now in effect, as of Sunday. Arguably the most controversial centers around changes to Florida’s death penalty. Child rapists can now face execution for their crimes.

The law specifically pertains to child victims under the age of 12. Higher courts have already said imposing death sentences in these types of cases is a violation of the 8th Amendment. While some say the law is still a measure of protecting children, others say different.

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A new investigative report claims thousands of illegal immigrants are buying land and settling in a new development called Colony Ridge, located near Plum Grove, Texas.

According to The Daily Wire, the new Colony Ridge settlement, with potentially tens of thousands of illegal immigrants, is being built north of Houston, prompting concerns that the development could become a base for cartel operations due to its location roughly 400 miles inside the United States.

In an investigative report, the Daily Wire found that the Colony Ridge development is currently comprised of over 60 square miles, which is roughly the size of Washington, D.C. The population is estimated to be between 50,000 and 75,000, largely due to a marketing strategy that is aimed at the Hispanic population in Texas.

The Colony Ridge development is owned by developer William Harris. Under his leadership, the development is quickly expanding, partly due to a financing opportunity that allows illegal aliens to purchase land in Texas.

Webmaster addition: Please tell me how illegal immigrants, supposedly fleeing poverty, have the money to buy a house?!?

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Official data released by the Canadian government reveals that at least 74% of the vaccinated population across Canada now have full-blown Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS).

The data reveal that the double vaccinated population across Canada have now lost on average 74% of their immune system capability, and the triple vaccinated population across Canada have now lost on average 73% of their immune system capability compared to the natural immune system of their unvaccinated counterparts.

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If you want to accomplish something that the masses oppose, then how will you do it? The first and most important thing is to conceal yourself as the source of the objective. In this case, we are talking about a political objective. It’s no surprise that there are people who want to have total power. History has given us Alexander the Great, Caesar, and more recently Hitler and Mao. These people are just figure heads. They could never have acceeded to power had they not been supported by others.

The “others” in this case are wealthy people who act in concert (conspiracy if you will) to strengthen their reach and capabilities while at the same time reinforcing each other when accusatory fingers are pointed at them. In our more modern era, how do you do that? You get control of the engines of power which include; government, industry, energy, information, food, water, medicine, education, and just for grins entertainment.

Think about it – is our government responding to the will of the people? Is it the people who are clamoring for the elimination of meat, bugs to eat, flouride in the water, open borders, monolithic media, criminals running through the street, homeless populations taking over city centers and now even rural areas and small towns, GMO foods, masks, vaccines, central bank digital currency (CBDC), elimination of fossil fuels and the accompanying automobiles, stoves, water heaters etc.? Certainly, the “Establishment” (those wealthy people united in purpose), has helped to create a “false” impression of that demand, but they are failing, and they know it, and that’s why they always have a series of back up plans which are all well rehearsed.

These same wealthy people have a history of financing “false opposition”, so they control the people and or organizations that say they stand for what the people want, but then they betray those people just at the right time. House leader Kevin McCarthy is just one of a myriad of examples. Trump is questionable – remember these are people who have the ability to assemble the “best and the brightest” as they are referred to. They already have the lion’s share of the world’s wealth. They will not be happy with anything less than everything, and when they have everything, they will still not be happy because they do not have Jesus Christ in their lives. What value is there in having it all if you’ve sold your soul to the Devil and have an eternity in Hell to face?

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NASA's New Horizons spacecraft will be able to keep exploring its exotic environs for at least another five years.

The agency announced on Friday (Sept. 29) that it will keep New Horizons' lights on while it's still zooming through the Kuiper Belt, the expansive ring of icy bodies beyond Neptune's orbit.

"The New Horizons mission has a unique position in our solar system to answer important questions about our heliosphere and provide extraordinary opportunities for multidisciplinary science for NASA and the scientific community," Nicola Fox, associate administrator for NASA's Science Mission Directorate in Washington, said in a statement on Friday. (The heliosphere is the big bubble of magnetic fields and charged particles that the sun blows around itself. Beyond it lies interstellar space.)

"The agency decided that it was best to extend operations for New Horizons until the spacecraft exits the Kuiper Belt, which is expected in 2028 through 2029," Fox added. 

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The co-founder of Greenpeace Canada told podcast host Dan Proft that “climate alarmism is 100% untrue.”

“They said it was the hottest year in the history of the earth the other day, and it’s not,” Moore told Proft on the “Counterculture” podcast.

“That’s just, period, a lie.”

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Cargo volumes at the Port of New York and New Jersey fell 21% YoY to 662,740 TEUs in August as the seaport adjusts to lower retail volumes.

“Ahead of preparation for the holiday shopping season, U.S. retailers continued to draw from their overstock of inventory that was delivered during the record cargo surge over the past two years,” the port said in a press release.

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President Joe Biden is planning to hold phone calls with allies possibly as early as Tuesday, with an aim of reassuring them his administration will remain committed to supporting Ukraine, Bloomberg reports.

The White House has further said it will unveil another defense package for Ukraine "soon" - which would be part of previously approved funds - in order to "signal our continued support." This comes immediately on the heels of Biden being forced by Congressional Republican holdouts to sign a stopgap funding bill that did not include aid for Ukraine.

Already as of last Friday, the Pentagon had informed Congress that it has "exhausted nearly all available security assistance funding for Ukraine" - including air defense weaponry and ammunition, leaving Ukraine more vulnerable as the Russian onslaught continues. Pentagon estimates indicate there are "months left" in its available supply of weapons for Kiev.

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As Ozempic, Wegovy, and Mounjaro soar in popularity, the drugs are facing increasing scrutiny by regulators over reports of suicidal thoughts.

A recent Reuters analysis reveals that over half of the adverse event reports by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration describe suicidal thoughts arising soon after starting or ramping up doses of these injectable drugs.

About 40 percent found relief after quitting the meds or taking a smaller dose.

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On Monday German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock issued an ultra-provocative statement which Moscow is sure to take as "fighting words". What's more is that the statement came while she was in Ukraine's capital for an unprecedented meeting of EU foreign ministers, who have newly committed themselves to supporting Kiev for as long as it takes, even as Washington appears to be stepping back. She said that the EU bloc will soon encompass lands "from Lisbon to Luhansk." 

 "Ukraine's future lies in the European Union, our community of freedom, and it will soon stretch from Lisbon to Luhansk," she said during a press conference. "It [Ukraine] also broadens its path to the EU with every village, every meter that it liberates, and every meter where it saves its people."

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Security forces in Madagascar fired tear gas on opposition candidates leading a protest in the capital Antananarivo on Monday, amid rising political tensions ahead of presidential elections next month.

Eleven of the 13 presidential candidates in the running had called on supporters to march on the central May 13 square to protest what they have described as an "institutional coup" to favour incumbent Andry Rajoelina.

But law enforcement officers moved to disperse the crowd of a few hundred people before it reached the planned destination.

Former president and leading opposition figure Marc Ravalomanana, who was among the protesters, was led away to safety by his security detail.

The rally was not given the green light by authorities and hundreds of security forces patrolled the city centre in the morning.

Posted on: Oct 03 09:38

Israeli occupation soldiers obstructed the arrival of Palestinian students and teachers at 27 schools. Meanwhile, in the northern West Bank village of Burqa, classes were suspended following an Israeli military raid.

Israeli occupation forces obstructed the arrival of Palestinian students and teachers at 27 schools east of Yatta in the southern occupied West Bank, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Education.

The ministry said in a statement that Israeli soldiers set up checkpoints around Yatta and obstructed the arrival of teachers and students to their schools.

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The United States is the most dangerous nation among industrialized states, and increasingly more dangerous than much of the developing world. As violent crime soars, our criminal justice system has revealed itself unable and unwilling to respond.

This year it was announced that the national murder clearance rate, which tracks arrests of suspects but not necessarily convictions, has dropped below 50%, the lowest in history. This figure represents a remarkable and system-wide failure, especially when leaps in forensic science and investigative techniques are taken into account. When we contrast the US with nations suffering from a comparable race and crime problem, such as the United Kingdom, we find that only 20% of murderers escape accountability. In the rest of Western Europe, the clearance rate seldom dips below 80%, while relatively homogenous nations like Finland arrest a homicide suspect in close to 100% of cases.

It’s common knowledge that a disproportionate number of homicides in America amount to blacks killing blacks, but recent years have seen a dramatic rise in interracial homicides as well.

Posted on: Oct 03 09:17

The 9-year-old girl who vanished Saturday after going on a bike ride was discovered in a cabinet cupboard of the suspect’s camper home and knew she was being rescued, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul said Monday.

In a late-night press conference, Hochul detailed how the alleged abductor of Charlotte Sena was done in by his own fingerprint after dropping off a ransom note in the mailbox of the girl’s family home early Monday morning.

That fingerprint belonged to 46-year-old Craig Nelson Ross, Jr., who was arrested at 6:32 p.m. Monday—the same time cops found and freed Sena from a cabinet inside a camper.

Posted on: Oct 03 09:17

Traces of mRNA COVID shots are being detected in the hearts of dead people who died suddenly following cardiac arrest, a new peer-reviewed study has concluded.

According to scientists from Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, mRNA was detected in the heart tissue of patients who died within a month of receiving the experimental Covid jabs.

The researchers analyzed tissue samples from the autopsies of 25 people. 20 of those people were jabbed shortly before they died.

Samples from the hearts of three patients tested positive for messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA).

All three patients with mRNA in their hearts had died within 30 days of receiving a Pfizer shot.

However, more patients were found with mRNA in the tissue connecting to their hearts, such as bilateral axillary lymph nodes.

Posted on: Oct 03 09:16

Just read this “Institute for the Study of War” Tweet several times. It will take you a second.

Here’s the link. I screen shotted because this looks like something that may be deleted at some point.

Here’s the link. I screen shotted because this looks like something that may be deleted at some point.

Do you get it?

I think the thing is that you’re not supposed to get it. Or maybe the person writing it didn’t get it. I don’t know.

But you people are smart. You get it.

This is like saying:

Belichick may have ordered the Patriots to score four touchdowns to create the illusion that Jets were losing the game despite substantial fan support.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this. I am of course referring to a sports analogy on the Daily Stormer.

But also, that tweet.

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Two New York Democrats, one being NY attorney general Letitia James, a black female helped into office by money from George Soros, who made his billions by manipulating the British pound to the disadvantage of the British population, and the other being NY state judge Arthur Engoron, a Donald Trump hater who was put in office by Trump-hating NY Democrats, have conspired to steal Trump’s real estate empire including Mar-a-Lago.

In reporting the theft, the Associated Press’s Anthony Izaguirre on September 27 wrote in worshipful tones that

“Letitia James fixated on Donald Trump as she campaigned for New York attorney general, branding the then-president a “con man” and ″carnival barker” and pledging to shine a “bright light into every dark corner of his real estate dealings.” https://abcnews.go.com/Business/wireStory/ny-attorney-general-letitia-james-long-history-fighting-103552829

Letitia James is a perfect example of what Supreme Court Justice George Sutherland and US Attorney General and Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson described as a prosecutor devoid of integrity and objectivity, a prosecutor who picks a target and then looks for something to indict him for. https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2023/10/01/the-western-world-is-now-a-tyranny/

In America today, all that is required for your indictment is to be someone or a member of some group that the Democrats’ Identity Politics disapproves. Trump, his supporters, and most white heterosexual religious Americans fall in that category. Consequently, if you are a white person living in New York and are not constantly proclaiming and lamenting your guilt as a racist and homophobe, you are a target.

Posted on: Oct 03 09:12

As Ronald Reagan once famously said, “If you want more of something, subsidize it.”

Campus Reform reports:

Biden admin pours over $100 million toward transgender research grants, many backfire

A recent investigation demonstrates that when it comes to endorsing transgenderism, the Biden administration is putting its money where its mouth is.

The Biden administration has awarded over $100 million in federal grants to colleges, universities, and hospitals to fund research into “transgender” medicine, according to a report published by the Capital Research Center on Sept. 12.

Researchers Parker Thayer and Katie Cagle write that the Biden Administration has spent “over $104 million in payments to initiatives mostly or exclusively promoting, subsidizing, or studying transgenderism.”

Posted on: Oct 03 09:10

The judge ordered New York business certificates for numerous Trump entities cancelled. That alone could have a devastating impact on the businesses. The current trial is just about the additional penalties sought, including hundreds of millions of dollars in fines and an order barring Trump and his organizations from doing business in New York State. That would be, as Trump has said, a business death penalty.

This all is egregious. There is no claim that consumers or banks and insurance companies lost money, or were defrauded out of money. That may not be an element of the offenses, but if you are going to destroy a massive business built over decades over property valuations without any impact on the public, it’s an overreach. And obviously politically motivated.

Posted on: Oct 03 09:09

Tucker Carlson reports that the U.S. government prevented him from interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin.  Carlson told the Swiss magazine Die Weltwoche that he had sought to arrange an interview with Putin, but U.S. officials blocked him. “I tried to interview Vladimir Putin, but the U.S. government prevented me from doing so. Think about [the implications],” Carlson told the newspaper on September 24.  Worse, according to Carlson, no one in the U.S. news media supported his right as a journalist to report on the Russian leader’s views regarding the Ukraine conflict.

Such obstructionism reflects a growing contempt on the part of officials in the United States and other supposedly liberal democratic countries for freedom of the press.  It is merely the latest episode in a lengthening parade of restrictions, ranging from petty to truly alarming.  The highest priority targets are critics who dare condemn or even dispute the accounts that Western leaders put forth regarding key foreign policy objectives

European Union governments have been even more brazen than Washington in their efforts to impede critics.  Just days after Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, the EU banned the two most prominent Russian outlets, RT and Sputnik.  The official rationale was that those organizations were Kremlin controlled and were disseminating “disinformation” regarding the war in Ukraine.  EU officials even ordered the removal of RT and Sputnik material from search engines.

More than 300 million inhabitants of EU countries were thus deprived from accessing Russia’s views about the war or its causes.  Conversely, EU authorities did not impose the slightest restrictions on the tsunami of propaganda coming out of Kyiv regarding the war.  Such gross imbalance has been a transparent effort to rig public opinion on a major international issue.

Posted on: Oct 03 09:05

A new and disturbing analysis reveals that excess deaths from cardiovascular diseases have jumped in the UK over the past several years.

Using official government data for deaths in England and Wales between 2010 and 2022, former BlackRock portfolio manager Ed Dowd and his partners at Phinance Technologies found that excess death rates from cardiovascular diseases were up 13% in 2020, 30% in 2021, and 44% in 2022, which "point to a worrying picture of an even greater acceleration in coming years of deaths & disabilities."

Posted on: Oct 03 09:04

new scientific study by Nakahara et al. tested COVID-vaccinated people to see if they have “silent” changes in heart muscle function that standard radiology tests could detect. The study shows very unsettling results.

Scientists measured myocardial 18Fluorine-fluorodeoxyglucose (18F-FDG) uptake. F-FDG has molecular similarity to glucose. However, 18F-FDG does not metabolize like glucose. Therefore, PET scans could detect it, and its presence shows the heart muscle’s abnormally high demand for glucose, indicative of abnormal cardiac function. More about it here.

Conclusions: Focal myocardial 18F-FDG uptake seen on oncologic PET/CT indicates a significantly increased risk for multiple myocardial abnormalities.

Posted on: Oct 03 09:03

The White House has been in touch with allies and partners about continued funding for Ukraine and those conversations will continue, White House spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre said on Monday.

Congress passed a stopgap bill on Saturday that extended government funding for more than a month and avoided a government shutdown but didn't contain any new aid for Ukraine.

Posted on: Oct 03 09:02

Controversy over critical race theory (CRT) in America’s public schools has been a flashpoint in our nation’s culture wars since at least 2020. In Virginia, parents’ outcry against it determined the 2022 governor’s race, and red states such as Florida and Texas are doing their best to restrict it. In this charged climate, blue states are stealthily adopting a dangerous new disguise for CRT — “ethnic studies” — which incorporates all that worries Americans about CRT’s ideology, and plenty more, in a deceptively appealing package. 

To see what’s coming, look at Minnesota, where this spring lawmakers enacted what are likely the most radical education measures in the nation. This is ethnic studies in its “liberated” form, which not only teaches race-based identities and “white privilege,” but incites students to take action to “disrupt and dismantle” America’s fundamental social and political institutions.

Minnesota’s new K-12 social studies standards — now in the final stages of rulemaking approval — exemplify this ideology. The standards add ethnic studies to the core social studies disciplines of history, civics, economics, and geography, and incorporate its concepts throughout. One ethnic studies “anchor standard,” titled “Resistance,” is typical. It requires students to “organize with others to resist systemic and coordinated exercises of power” against “marginalized,” oppressed groups.

Posted on: Oct 03 09:01

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy backtracked on his pledge to remove U.S. aid to Ukraine from House Republicans’ defense spending measure on Saturday, telling reporters that such funds will be included in the legislation after all.

On Friday, McCarthy told reporters at the Capitol that U.S. aid to Ukraine would not be included in House Republicans’ defense appropriations bill and would instead be voted on separately by the lower chamber.

“It would be out and voted on by itself,” McCarthy said. According to Just the News, the proposal to fund the Pentagon included a provision providing Ukraine with $300 million amid its ongoing war against Russia.

Posted on: Oct 03 09:00

A long-standing agreement that gives the US military access to the Marshall Islands in exchange for financial aid and other benefits lapsed on September 30, The South China Morning Post reported on Monday.

The Post quoted Cleo Paskal, a fellow at the hawkish Foundation for the Defense of Democracies think tank, who claimed that what just expired with the Marshall Islands was the “financial and federal services component” while the “defense right continues,” signaling the lapsed agreement does not mean the US has to give up its military presence.

The Compact of Free Association (Cofa) agreement between the US and the Marshall Islands was signed in 1986. The US also has Cofa’s with Micronesia and Palau, but the Biden administration was able to negotiate a renewal of those deals.

Posted on: Oct 03 08:59

“You’ve got to leave the country, Jamal. You’ve got to get out before they arrest you too,” I told my friend, Jamal Khashoggi, just a few months before his fateful decision to leave his homeland in 2017.

Little did we know that rather than find safety in Washington D.C., Mohamed bin Salman and his henchmen would trick him into visiting the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, where they brutally tortured and murdered him. Little did we expect that five years after his shocking murder, the Biden administration would be potentially rewarding MBS with an unprecedented security guarantee for his monarchical dictatorship.

As a human rights advocate, this was not the first time I had urged someone to flee from an Arab regime, but the others were prominent activists long in conflict with their governments. Khashoggi was a long-time government insider, acting as spokesman for the Saudi embassy in Washington D.C., where we first met, before returning to serve as a journalist and editor in the Saudi media. We remained in touch over the years, and I saw his evolution during the Arab Uprisings of 2011, when he came to the firm conclusion that only democracy and the rule of law would secure stability and peace for the Middle East.

Posted on: Oct 03 08:59

The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) voted in favor of a US-sponsored resolution that authorizes a deployment of Kenyan-led troops to Haiti. The Washington-backed government in Port-au-Prince requested the mission after gangs captured large swaths of the capital city. The US has pledged financial support and training for the international force deployed to Haiti under the UN flag. 

During a meeting of the UNSC on Monday, the body approved a measure that gives Kenya the authority to send troops into Haiti aimed at restoring order. The measure calls for the troops to work with local police to plan “and conduct joint security support operations as it works to counter gangs and improve security conditions in Haiti.” The force will help secure “critical infrastructure sites and transit locations such as the airport, ports, and key intersections.”

It was unclear if Russia or China would veto the measure. Beijing’s representative to the council voiced some support for the mission, but China abstained. The Russian ambassador said Moscow would withhold support for the operation but would not veto the measure because it was requested by the Haitian government. The measure passed with 13 yes votes and two abstentions. 

Posted on: Oct 03 08:58

Armenia urged the European Union on Monday to sanction Azerbaijan for its military operation in the Nagorno-Karabakh enclave and warned that Baku could soon attack Armenia itself unless the West takes firm action.

Tigran Balayan, Armenia's envoy to the EU, listed possible measures such as a price cap on Azerbaijani oil and gas and the suspension of EU talks on closer relations with Baku. He also urged the West to deliver "bold" security assistance to Armenia.

"It's not only the opinion of the Armenian government, but also of many experts - also some of the EU member states - that an attack on Armenia proper is imminent," Balayan told Reuters in an interview in Brussels.

Azerbaijani forces took control of Nagorno-Karabakh, an enclave on its territory populated by ethnic Armenians, in a lightning operation last month, triggering an exodus of more than 100,000 Armenians in less than a week.

Posted on: Oct 03 08:58