"Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry." -- President Thomas Jefferson

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Biden liberals’ awful view of America cheapens my family’s sacrifice

The Democratic Party and its allies in the media, academia, Hollywood and corporate America are weaponizing race to divide our country and win political power. According to the radical left, racism is rampant in America and must be remedied by a progressive agenda that defunds our police, releases violent criminals without bail, and indoctrinates our children to believe their future is dictated by their skin color. 

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Posted on: Jun 01 07:52

Youth shootings, homicides rise in Baltimore, claiming the lives of 19 city students

BALTIMORE – Some parents fear sending their children to school as Charm City faces a surge in youth homicides and shootings.

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Posted on: Jun 01 07:51

Jurors began deliberations Wednesday morning

An Illinois jury has found a former "Family Feud" contestant guilty in the murder of his estranged wife. Timothy Bliefnick was convicted on all charges in the murder of the accomplished nurse and fixture in her local church, amid a grueling divorce and custody battle.

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Posted on: Jun 01 07:50

Pistons were reportedly 'heavily pursuing' Williams after he was let go by the Phoenix Suns

The Detroit Pistons are reportedly set to give Monty Williams, the winningest head coach in the NBA since 2021, the biggest deal for a coach in NBA history.

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Posted on: Jun 01 07:49

The parent said he will teach his kids about 'the birds and the bees--Two bees and two birds'

A California parent is upset about their kids school hosting a Pride assembly told Fox News Digital the school district should not be teaching minors LGBTQ content.

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Posted on: Jun 01 07:47

A Los Angeles District Attorney's Office spokesperson said prosecutors couldn't prove the rape allegations beyond a reasonable doubt

Actor Armie Hammer is speaking out after it was announced he will not face sexual assault charges following a review by the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office.

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Posted on: Jun 01 07:46

Actor Danny Masterson was taken away in handcuffs and will be held without bail until sentencing

Danny Masterson was found guilty Wednesday in his rape retrial. He was found guilty on two counts of forcible rape. The jury was hung on a third charge.

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Posted on: Jun 01 07:44

Former talk show host's apparent visit is latest meetup for couple's inner circle of stars, powerbrokers and VIPs

James Corden appears to be the latest star to meet up with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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'Toxic' singer Britney Spears and ex-husband Kevin Federline have two sons together: Jayden, 16, and Sean, 17

Britney Spears doesn't appear to have an issue with her sons moving away from Los Angeles with their father Kevin Federline.

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Tyler Christopher played Nikolas Cassadine and Connor Bishop on 'General Hospital' for 20 years and also had recurring roles on 'Days of Our Lives'

"General Hospital" alum Tyler Christopher was arrested Friday evening for public intoxication after he was found sleeping on the floor at the Hollywood Burbank Airport, police confirmed Wednesday.

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Posted on: Jun 01 07:41

 32-year-old victim suffered gunshot wounds to chest

A man was arrested early Wednesday in New York City after fatally shooting an armed robber in Queens, according to law enforcement.

Police say gunfire broke out around 2 a.m. Wednesday near Queens Criminal Court in Kew Gardens after the now-deceased victim, 32, approached the older man, 65, with an unidentified object in his hand.

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Posted on: Jun 01 06:30

Colby Richards missing since he apparently left home on May 24 without phone or wallet

Colby Richards, a 31-year-old Texas father, has been missing since he apparently left his home in Spring, Texas, the morning of May 24.

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Ford, 80, has five children, and the recent college graduate is his youngest

Harrison Ford doesn't share much about his family, but he admitted he has had some parenting regrets. 

He revealed he thinks things may have been different for his family if he was not a famous actor.

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Posted on: Jun 01 06:28

Zach Bryan, known for his song 'Somewhere in the Orange,' and girlfriend Debra Peifer have broken up

Country music star Zach Bryan explained why he had a fan kicked out of his concert in Albany, New York.

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The Biden family is currently under investigation by the House Oversight Committee

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby was left speechless Wednesday when questioned by a reporter over whether President Biden is "corrupt."

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Posted on: Jun 01 06:25

 John Forsyth was found in an Arkansas lake Tuesday after he vanished May 21

A Missouri ER doctor was found dead of a gunshot wound in an Arkansas lake Tuesday after vanishing earlier this month, as it was revealed that he was once kidnapped under mysterious circumstances, his brother and authorities said.


Three days after Dr. John Forsyth, 49, proposed to his fiancée, he disappeared May 21 after leaving work at a hospital in Cassville, a town of 3,100 deep in the Ozarks. 

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 Debt ceiling provision would fast-track permitting for 303-mile West Virginia-to-Virginia natural gas pipeline

House Republicans were ultimately responsible for a provision fast-tracking a major natural gas pipeline in the debt ceiling package announced over the weekend, sources told Fox News Digital.

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The methamphetamine found at the Otay Mesa Cargo Facility weighed nearly 5,800 pounds

Border officials at the Otay Mesa Cargo Facility in California seized more than $38 million worth of methamphetamine on Saturday found hidden inside a shipment of kale.

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The derailment comes a day after another CPKC freight train carrying hazardous materials derailed near Balfour, North Dakota

A Canadian Pacific train carrying hazardous materials derailed near Lancaster, Minnesota, Wednesday afternoon, Gov. Tim Walz confirmed on Twitter. 

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Album is still considered by many the greatest record of all time

On this day in history, June 1, 1967, the Beatles released "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," their 8th album — which became the soundtrack to the "Summer of Love," according to the official website of the Beatles. 

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Cameron Robbins, 18-year-old high school graduate from Baton Rouge, fell overboard on cruise in Bahamas

Video appears to show a shadowy object in the water move toward Louisiana teenager Cameron Robbins moments after he went overboard on a Bahamas cruise and disappeared.

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Skeptic magazine is out with a brand new survey charting libtards' delusional beliefs!

Posted on: May 31 22:34

Race hustler Ibram X Kendi (born Henry Rogers) is working to get felony murder laws abolished in the name of fighting anti-black racism.

Posted on: May 31 20:08

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is losing to former President Donald Trump by 34 points in the first poll taken after his disastrous Twitter Space announcing he was joining the race for president.

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 Bentley's 'Gravel & Gold Tour' will run through the summer

Country musician Dierks Bentley is used to the big city and bright lights of Nashville, but admits he's not ready for Hollywood.

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Posted on: May 31 13:49

 Push for formal talks between western states about moving border gaining momentum — and scrutiny

Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., over the weekend spoke out against a campaign to have the rural eastern part of his home state of deep-blue Oregon effectively secede and join more conservative Idaho.

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 Alex Soros also maintains close connections with prominent Democratic lawmakers

Alex Soros, son of liberal billionaire George Soros, has maintained access to the upper echelons of President Biden's White House and has frequently taken advantage of those channels.

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Posted on: May 31 13:41

Adam Theo claims, 'Jail doesn't fix people,' as police search for suspect

A Washington, D.C.-area activist wants anger management treatment for his attacker after he said he was brutally beaten on the street for attempting to be a Good Samaritan.DC-area activist wants anger management, ‘Restorative Justice’ for attacker who put him in hospital

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