"It is not the duty of a patriotic American to listen to the government's lies. It is the duty of a patriotic American to listen to the government's lies, and shout 'BULLSHIT' at the top of their lungs!" -- Michael Rivero 

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Nolte: Disney Stock Takes a Dive, Billionaire Investor Unloads 26 Million Shares MikeRivero

The Disney Grooming Syndicate has watched its already-embattled stock take a serious dive over the last few months. In April the stock rallied to $123 per share, up from $91 per share at the beginning of the year. In Early May, the Disney Grooming Syndicate stock reached as high as $116.

Television used to be the great equalizer — a place where Americans of all colors, creeds, and political persuasions could gather to turn off their brains for a while and zone out.

We may have had fewer choices — in both what we watched and when we watched it — but at least every bit of content (we called them "shows" back then) had more or less the same objective: to entertain us.

MEGHAN Markle and Prince Harry’s always try to hog the limelight, according to a royal expert. Outspoken royal author Tom Bower spoke on The Sun’s Royal Exclusive show and used the example of the Sussexes’ “paparazzi car chase” in New York last May.
IT was the kids’ TV show that bordered on cult viewing, now Art Attack is set to get a second chance of life – albeit with a whole new identity. The original, which saw host Neil Buchanan show off his arts skills to the nation, ran from 1990 to 2007 on Children’s ITV.
STRICTLY stars arrived to start training for the new series yesterday — as BBC chiefs consider a cull of long-serving dancers after alleged abusive behaviour on the show. Up to five professionals could face the axe next year in the wake of the scandal surrounding Giovanni Pernice and Graziano di Prima.