Thought for the day

"The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets." -- Will Rogers

Most Latinos think the country should focus less on helping migrants enter the United States, a priority of the Biden administration and Democratic Party, according to a new poll.

Just over half, 51%, of Latino adults residing in the U.S. said it is more important for the country to help immigrants escape poverty and violence in their home countries than secure America’s borders and help U.S. citizens, Axios/Ipsos concluded in a poll published over the weekend. The poll did not ask respondents about their immigration status or if they were registered voters.

Regional alliances should, for the most part, remain regional.  Areas of the globe can count on a number of such bodies and associations with varying degrees of heft: the Organization of American States; the Organisation of African Unity; and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations.  Only one has decided to move beyond its natural, subscribed limits, citing security and a militant basis, for its actions.

“This is the summer before the storm. Make no mistake, with energy prices set to rise to unprecedented highs, we are approaching one of the biggest geopolitical earthquake in decades. The ensuing convulsions are likely to be of a far greater order of magnitude than those that followed the 2008 financial crash, which sparked protests culminating in the Occupy Movement and the Arab Spring …

The Department of Homeland Security said Monday that it ended a Trump-era policy requiring asylum-seekers to wait in Mexico for hearings in U.S. immigration court, hours after a judge lifted an order in effect since December that it be reinstated.

President Joe Biden is reportedly worried about “the optics” of Democrat mayors suddenly opposing illegal immigration as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) buses border crossers and illegal aliens to their cities.

Michael Yon, a photojournalist specializing in war and a retired U.S. Army Special Forces veteran, warned Jordan Peterson of a growing “triangle of death” driven by globalist machinations: pandemics, famines, and wars.

In an interview with Peterson published last week, Yon used a neologism he coined — “PanFaWar” — synthesizing “pandemic,” “famine,” and “war” into one term. The three phenomena, he said, are mutually reinforcing and often occur as a package.

Tesla has managed to strike a deal with the state of Nuevo Leon to have its own lane at the US-Mexico border, which should help the company and its suppliers get across faster.

Nuevo Leon is a weirdly shaped state that managed to have its border drawn in a way that gave it a little 9-mile border with the United States and more specifically the state of Texas.