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"All vets are mentally ill in some way and government should prevent them from owning firearms." -- Diane Feinstein 

The Vatican is to face trial in English Courts for the first time in its 2,000 year history after it failed to prevent UK judges from probing a £124 million investment property deal it made with a British financier.

Raffaele Minicione, who holds both British and Swiss citizenship, was previously a financial advisor to the Secretariat in the Vatican, who personally advises the Pope and assists him with carrying out his duties.

He is accused by the Vatican of 10 criminal charges, including fraud, embezzlement and abuse of office dating back to 2014.

Post by Rob Renfroe via Facebook. “Below I announced that The Woodlands Methodist voted to disaffiliate today by a 96% margin. Now, word just in, the Texas Annual Conference’s second largest church, Faithbridge, has announced the results of the vote it took today. They voted to leave by a vote of 100%.” (Added 8-7-2022)

The Christian flag was raised in a victory for free speech outside Boston’s City Hall this week.

The Supreme Court deemed in May that Boston discriminated against a conservative activist because of his “religious viewpoint” when it dismissed his request to fly the white and blue flag with a red cross on a flagpole outside City Hall.

The Family Research Council (FRC), a Washington, D.C.,-based Christian non-profit, supported itself Tuesday after Democratic lawmakers called for a federal probe into its tax status.

A state judge in Wisconsin has ruled that the Department of Corrections broke the law when it decided to give lawyers and bureaucrats and even reporters and dog trainers access to inmates during COVID, but refused to provide any procedure for clergy to visit.

“In 1981, archaeologist Robert L. Pyle of Morgantown, West Virginia began exploring the mountains of the southern part of the state studying petroglyphs (markings on stone) that at first glance resembled archaic runes and were different from traditional ancient American rock carvings. His archaeological research focused on petroglyph sites in Wyoming County, West Virginia, and Manchester, Kentucky.

 Pope Francis reportedly authorized secret wire-taps as part of an ongoing Vatican investigation into an Italian financial broker accused of defrauding the Vatican in a real estate venture that turned into a massive corruption scandal.

Seattle Pacific University (SPU) students are raising $75,000 to help pay for a lawsuit against their Christian school for retaining a staff policy that prohibits faculty from engaging in behavior that contradicts “Biblical standards.”