"Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it." -- Mark Twain

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 by Jason Ditz 

Russian officials have issued a statement confirming that multiple drone strikes overnight in eastern Syria, near the Iraqi border. The strikes killed multiple, and included an attack on a cargo truck traveling through the region, killing a member of Iraq’s Sayyed al-Shuhada Brigades.

 by Kyle Anzalone 

The Israeli defense minister Gallant is traveling to the US to discuss the next stage of the wars in Gaza and Lebanon. Washington is pushing for Tel Aviv to bring the conflicts to an end, while the Israeli prime minister Netanyahu is demanding more weapons from the US.

A prosecutor at the International Criminal Court is seeking an arrest warrant for Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant

While Washington says it’s only halted one arms shipment, it has also altered procedures for military aid to Israel in recent months by Will Porter

The Joe Biden administration recently ended a policy which expedited arms transfers to Tel Aviv, a US official told the Times of Israel. The comments come after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused the United States of withholding lethal aid amid the months-long onslaught in Gaza.



Israeli tanks at edge of Rafah's al-Mawasi refuge zone, residents say

On Saturday, Palestinian health officials said at least 40 Palestinians had been killed in separate Israeli strikes in some northern Gaza districts.


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Residents reported seeing Israeli tanks near al-Mawasi, where thousands are sheltering on Gaza's coastline [GETTY]

The @gatesfoundation money was also used in a project headed by both Yoshihiro Kawaoka and Ron Fouchier (he previously modified H5N1 to become airborne transmissible in ferrets at the Erasmus Medical Center), where they provided the two additional mutations that would be needed in Egyptian H5N1 viruses to create variants with the mammalian “transmissibility features” identified in the Kawaoka study.

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Financial writer and precious metals broker Bill Holter has been documenting all the unpayable debt that has been building up in the financial system like cancer.