"The way people speak of those in power, calling their commands “laws,” referring to disobedience to them as a “crime,” and so on, implies the right of “government” to rule, and a corresponding obligation on the part of its subjects to obey. Without the right to “rule,” (“authority”) there is no need to call the entity “government,” and all the politicians and their mercenaries become utterly indistinguishable from a giant organized crime syndicate, their “laws” no more valid than the threats of muggers and carjackers." -- Larken Rose

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I’m ruminating on Presidential candidates when BOOM, word breaks that Joe isn’t going to run in 2024…

When you’re the inner circle putting up a man for President and you know he’s mentally deficient in a serious way—that’s not a mistake.


Democrats are staying coy on how long they've known President Biden's cognitive decline left him unsuited to lead the top of their ticket, thoug