During a recent interview with German magazine Der Spiegel, former Chancellor and European political heavyweight Angela Merkel revealed that the Minsk accords, a comprehensive 2015 diplomatic treaty, agreed by the EU, United States, Russia, and Kyiv to end the civil war in eastern Ukraine, was essentially subverted by the Ukrainians in an attempt to buy time to expand its military capabilities.

The fact that the accords, which were widely regarded as a truly workable solution to the conflict, were not prioritized by the U.S. for implementation, speaks volumes when assessing the sincerity of the U.S. position. Just prior to Merkel’s stunning revelations, Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko was also covertly recorded admitting that the process was abused by Ukraine and used to prepare for war with Russia.

Given the high level of interface between NATO and Ukraine during this period, it is difficult to imagine that this manipulation of the peace process was not carried out with the full knowledge, and probable assistance, of NATO and the U.S. It is now abundantly clear, at least to all objective observers, that the U.S. never seriously intended to prevent the current conflict in Ukraine. On the contrary, any cursory assessment of their past and contemporary covert and overt involvement in the region suggests they have been working to destabilize Russia via Ukraine for decades.

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In reality, I should be the last person to down-talk the subscription movement. Because I truly believe in a strong future for companies who choose to sell their products and services on a subscription model. Nonetheless, it’s important and necessary to talk about what is happening in the streaming market right now – several media outlets are identifying challenges for some of the world’s largest streaming-based platforms – and the stock market has followed suit by dropping prices quickly.

Are the big streaming actors free-falling? Or is it just a question of a natural correction in a market that has grown enormously in the past few years?

Webmaster addition: Certainly the declining economy is going to tighten cash for the streaming services, but the fact is that streaming has never lived up to the hype. Service is unreliable, and in some cases non-existent. Now, maybe it's because I live in a rural area and us country bumpkins don't rate with the streaming management, but I canceled HBO+ because all I kept getting was the dancing dots or messages the service was unavailable. Prime is good, and also Paramount+ although the latter is clearly in decline. Frankly, I was a lot happier with cable, but that is no longer an option with our local provider.

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A war between China and Taiwan will be extremely good for business at America’s Frontier Fund, a tech investment outfit whose co-founder and CEO sits on both the State Department Foreign Affairs Policy Board and President Joe Biden’s Intelligence Advisory Board, according to audio from a February 1 event.

The remarks occurred at a tech finance symposium hosted at the Manhattan offices of Silicon Valley Bank. According to attendee Jack Poulson, head of the watchdog group Tech Inquiry, an individual who identified himself as “Tom” attended the event in place of Jordan Blashek, America’s Frontier Fund’s president and chief operating officer.

Following the panel discussion, “Tom” spoke with a gaggle of other attendees and held forth on AFF’s investment in so-called choke points: sectors that would spike in value during a volatile geopolitical crisis, like computer chips or rare earth minerals. It turns out, according to audio published by Poulson, that a war in the Pacific would be tremendous for AFF’s bottom line.

If the China-Taiwan situation happens, some of our investments will 10x, like overnight,” the person who identified as “Tom” said. “So I don’t want to share the name, but the one example I gave was a critical component that … the total market value is $200 million, but it is a critical component to a $50 billion market cap. That’s like a choke point, right. And so if it’s only produced in China, for example, and there’s a kinetic event in the Pacific, that would 10x overnight, like no question about it. There’s a couple of different things like that.”

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More than 70 percent of UK households fear they will be severely hit by the cost-of-living crisis in the first part of 2023, up from 54 percent at the end of last year, a leading business company has revealed.

Survey data from market researcher NielsenIQ showed on Tuesday that rising inflation and deteriorating economic situation have weighed more pressure on Britons during the first month of 2023, disappointing the majority of households about the country’s economic future.

NielsenIQ reported that UK grocery sales on a value basis rose by 7.6 percent in the first four weeks of 2023, due to an increase in food price inflation to 13.8 percent.

However, volume sales fell by 6.9 percent, reflecting the unprecedented deepening of the cost-of-living crisis.

“We expect a challenging first quarter for the grocery industry, with inflation very much top of mind for shoppers,” Mike Watkins, NielsenIQ’s UK head of retailer and business insight, said.

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The public is gradually learning how, despite repeated denials and non-answers, top government officials were well aware of the potential for violence on January 6, 2021. 

A chief investigator on the January 6 select committee told NBC News last week that law enforcement was privy to a trove of intelligence indicating problems could arise during the election certification process but, for some unexplained reason, chose to ignore the warning signs. “The Intel in advance was pretty specific, and it was enough in our view for law enforcement to have done a better job operationalizing a secure perimeter.” Tim Heaphy told NBC News reporter Ken Dilanian. “Law enforcement had a very direct role in contributing to surely the failures—the security failures that led to the violence.”

Criticism of law enforcement, as I noted here after the release of the committee’s report, was buried in a relatively brief appendix in the 840-page document. Staffers complained for months that former Representative Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) insisted the final work product singularly blame Donald Trump, not government agencies, for the events of January 6.

Cheney got her way. But now that the committee is dissolved, some are going public to reveal what the committee failed to report—and the omissions are far more consequential than private conversations between Ivanka Trump and her father, another odd fixation of Cheney’s. (Perhaps a bit of projection from Dick Cheney’s daughter?)

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Binance, the world's largest crypto exchange, will suspend US dollar transfers from Wednesday, and the move is reportedly fueling millions of dollars in outflows from the platform to rivals.

A company spokesperson told several outlets Monday, including CNBC and Bloomberg, that deposits and withdrawals of dollars would cease indefinitely, without giving a reason for the move. Transfers in other fiat currencies such as the euro were unaffected.

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In one video, a news anchor with perfectly combed dark hair and a stubbly beard outlined what he saw as the United States’ shameful lack of action against gun violence.

In another video, a female news anchor heralded China’s role in geopolitical relations at an international summit meeting.

But something was off. Their voices were stilted and failed to sync with the movement of their mouths. Their faces had a pixelated, video-game quality and their hair appeared unnaturally plastered to the head. The captions were filled with grammatical mistakes.

The two broadcasters, purportedly anchors for a news outlet called Wolf News, are not real people. They are computer-generated avatars created by artificial intelligence software. And late last year, videos of them were distributed by pro-China bot accounts on Facebook and Twitter, in the first known instance of “deepfake” video technology being used to create fictitious people as part of a state-aligned information campaign.

“This is the first time we’ve seen this in the wild,” said Jack Stubbs, the vice president of intelligence at Graphika, a research firm that studies disinformation. Graphika discovered the pro-China campaign, which appeared intended to promote the interests of the Chinese Communist Party and undercut the United States for English-speaking viewers.

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A six-year-old boy who shot and wounded his teacher constantly swore at staff, tried to whip other students with his belt and once choked another teacher 'until she couldn't breathe', a lawyer has claimed.

The incidents were described in a notice sent to the Newport News school district by Diane Toscano, a lawyer for teacher Abby Zwerner who was shot by the same boy earlier this year.

The lawyer informed the district that Ms Zwerner intends to sue.

Webmaster addition: Looks like this liberal ideal of two working parents and the children raised by woke teachers is working out just fine!

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The European Patent Office (EPO) has revoked an EU patent held by Impossible Foods, maker of the Impossible Burger. In the US, Impossible’s fake meat products are manufactured with GMO yeast-derived soy leghemoglobin, a controversial ingredient that makes the fake meat look as if it’s bleeding, like undercooked real meat, and that we have argued may not be safe to eat.

Following the EPO’s decision, another fake meat company, Motif FoodWorks, has filed a suite of new petitions with the US Patent and Trademark Office challenging US patents held by Impossible Foods over the use of heme proteins (such as that present in soy leghemoglobin) in meat alternatives, as it defends itself against Impossible’s accusations of patent infringement, according to Food Navigator USA.

Fake meat industry “a flop”

The news about Impossible’s patent fights comes in the wake of an article by Bloomberg describing the rapid decline in the fake meat industry, which it branded “a flop”. The article is titled, “Fake meat was supposed to save the world. It became just another fad”.

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Food prices in Sweden have recorded one of the largest hikes since food prices started rising almost a year ago, according to a new report, as European countries grapple with the rapidly worsening cost-of-living crisis.

Citing a survey conducted by price comparison site Matpriskollen, Swedish Television (SVT) reported on Monday that food prices rose by 1.4 percent in January, one of the largest monthly increases since inflation skyrocketed in the country in January 2022.

According to the survey, some items for which inflation was relatively modest last year suddenly became considerably more expensive in January.

"For some items, the price hike was enormous in January," Ulf Mazur, founder and managing director of Matpriskollen, told SVT, citing sugar as an example.

"The remarkable thing is that it was not a long and slow increase but a shock increase (in January) for certain items," Mazur added.

Sweden recorded an annual inflation rate of 12.3 percent in December, according to the data released by Statistics Sweden last month. The figure was the highest since February 1991.

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We’ve mentioned before that the one clean way to avoid a national debt default is a discharge petition in which a small number (at least 6) of House Republicans join with Democrats to force a vote on a clean debt ceiling. Once that happens the two sides can get down to negotiating a budget. But today, Don Bacon (R-NE) – Washington’s favorite GOP ‘moderate’ – came out categorically against the idea. As reporter and TPM alum Sahil Kapur puts it, if Bacon won’t do it probably no Republicans will.

In announcing his alliance with Freedom Caucus hardliners, Bacon went the extra step of endorsing their false claims about negotiations. “I think [the discharge petition approach is] DOA. Because the president’s got to make some compromises with Republicans. For him to say my way or the highway — no way.”

This is absurd. The President has made clear he’ll negotiate a budget. That’s how the system works. The White House, the House and the Senate have to agree on a budget for the government to function. What he has said he won’t do is negotiate over whether the House will force the United States to default on its debt obligations for the first time in almost 250 years.

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Harry Whittington, the man who former Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot while they were hunting quail on a Texas ranch 17 years ago, has died. He was 95.

Whittington died at his home Saturday in Austin, family friend Karl Rove said Monday.

Before Whittington was thrust into the national spotlight after the accidental shooting, the attorney was long known for helping build the Republican Party in Texas into the dominant political force it is today and for being the man governors went to when they needed to clean up troubled state agencies.

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“This minimum tax would make sure that the wealthiest Americans no longer pay a tax rate lower than teachers and firefighters,” the White House said in a preview Monday of the economic aspects of Biden’s speech.

Neither of the tax proposals is likely to gain much support in Congress, where Republicans now control the US House. 

Webmaster addition:

Image removed.

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Douglass Mackey is alleged to be one of the many anonymous Twitter users who made the 2016 election so different, so memorable, and so important.

Like other anonymous internet memesmiths (anons), Mackey had no external reason that anyone should care what he said. He held no office. He had no byline at an elite publication. He had no vast pool of wealth that conferred legitimacy, deserved or undeserved, on what he had to say.

Mackey’s notability, like that of Bronze Age Pervert or Libs of TikTok, came exclusively from what he had to say, and that people found it funny and compelling. Over the summer and fall of 2016, Mackey allegedly went by the nom-de-tweet Ricky Vaughn (after Charlie Sheen’s character in Major League) and collected tens of thousands of followers who found him funny and compelling. Mackey was not single-handedly responsible for getting Donald Trump elected. But the work he allegedly did along with dozens of others is what made Trump’s victory possible. An MIT analysis estimated that Ricky Vaughn was a bigger influence on the 2016 election than NBC News.

But for the regime, the specter of anonymous individuals making the system tremble was too much. And so, for more than two years, the regime has been battling to send Mackey to prison.

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A neo-Nazi couple was arrested and charged with conspiracy to damage power substations encircling Baltimore City that would "completely destroy" the metro area, according to Department of Justice (DoJ) court documents

On Monday, DoJ prosecutors announced Florida resident Brandon Clint Russell, an alleged leader of the neo-Nazi terror group Atomwaffen Divison, and Catonsville resident Sarah Beth Clendaniel conspired to destroy power substations with gunfire. 

Webmaster addition: This feels like another FBI "Let's create a crime for the headlines" operation.

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The U.S.-based pharmaceutical giant Pfizer reported Tuesday that it brought in a record-breaking $100.3 billion in revenue in 2022 and $31.4 billion in profit, sums that campaigners decried as "sickening" in the face of an ongoing pandemic and persistent inequities in coronavirus vaccine access.

"In one year alone, Pfizer's revenue has exceeded the total health expenditures of more than 100 countries combined," Julia Kosgei, policy co-lead for the People's Vaccine Alliance, said in a statement. "If it were a country, Pfizer would sit in the wealthiest third of nation-states. And it has amassed this fortune while jacking up prices on Covid-19 vaccines amid a pandemic that has devastated people’s livelihoods. Put simply, Pfizer has plundered health systems for profit."

Pfizer, led by CEO Albert Bourla, is the manufacturer of one of the two available mRNA vaccines for Covid-19, as well as the oral coronavirus treatment Paxlovid. The company reported $56 billion in sales of its Covid-19 vaccine and Paxlovid, though it said it expects sales to drop in the coming year as it moves to hike prices significantly on its vaccine—a plan that has drawn international alarm and outrage.

Webmaster addition: It's all about the Benjamins!

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On Monday morning, February 6, Israeli forces conducted a deadly raid on the Aqbat Jabr refugee camp, located southwest of Jericho in the Jordan Valley. Aqabat Jabr is the largest refugee camp in the West Bank.

The raid comes more than a week after a Palestinian allegedly opened fire at a restaurant near the illegal settlement of Almog on January 28. No one was injured in the shooting, and the shooter fled the scene. Israeli forces subsequently launched a week-long manhunt that has entailed the closure of the Jericho area, and which has culminated with this morning’s raid.

Palestinians are describing the raid as an “assassination mission” targeting wanted resistance fighters in the area. 

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CV19 bioweapon vax truth warrior Dr. Betsy Eads has been warning of a “Tsunami of ‘vaccine’ deaths coming in the next two years.”  The number of people dying and getting permanent disabilities is increasing.  That is no surprise with 600 million CV19 injections being administered in America alone.  There have been about 13 billion CV19 injections given worldwide.  The estimation of dead and permanently disabled is stunning and criminal.  Dr. Eads explains, “In my personal opinion that a billion people will either die or be permanently disabled.  A new “Expose” article shows 5,162% increase in deaths (in Australia) from this bioweapon shot since 2020. . . . Those are just stunning numbers, and we are seeing it all over the world.  From the UK that is on shot number 6, to Israel that is on shot 7 with complete medical chipping. . . . The entire country of Israel is now medically chipped with portable medical records and vaccine records. . . . We are seeing death and permanent disability in huge numbers.  It is causing huge increases in all-cause mortality.  Just look at Ed Dowd’s numbers.  They are as high as 40% (increase of all-cause mortality) in that young working category.  We have never seen this many death and disability numbers.  There are over 7,000 a day, in America, with death and disability – a day.  This is incredible.  The CV19 injections are a true bioweapon. . . . this was never a vaccine, it has always been a bioweapon.”

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Japan's Sumitomo Electric Industries plans to build a new battery plant in North America as the U.S. accelerates its shift to sustainable energy, Nikkei has learned.

Sumitomo wants to produce large-capacity batteries called "redox flow cells" which are used to store electricity generated by wind turbines and other forms of renewable energy. The batteries are less prone to degradation than conventional lithium-ion batteries. Their battery life of up to 30 years is expected to be twice as long as that of lithium-ion batteries.

The battery market in North America is expected to expand to 1.7 trillion yen ($12.9 billion) by 2035, according to Japanese research firm Fuji Keizai Group. Sumitomo hopes that by building a local production base, it would gain first-mover advantage.

Osamu Inoue, president of the company, told Nikkei in a recent interview that the U.S. will become the world's largest battery market, with California state leading the way. He added that the company planned to expand its business by producing batteries in the U.S. and Japan.

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An Arizona rancher has been charged with first-degree murder and had his bail set at a whopping $1million for fatally shooting a Mexican citizen on his property.

George Alan Kelly, 73, was arrested following the January 30 fatal shooting of Gabriel Cuen-Butimea, 48, on his ranch in Kino Springs, just a mile and a half north of the US-Mexico border.

Authorities are still investigating the fatal shooting, with the Santa Cruz County Sheriff's chief deputy saying it does not appear that Kelly knew Cuen-Butimea ahead of the shooting.

But a friend of Kelly's told KOLD he has had issues with people on his property in the past, though he believes Kelly acted in the best faith. 

Cuen-Butimea, meanwhile, has had a history of illegally crossing the US-Mexico border, according to federal court records, and was deported back to his home country multiple times — most recently in 2016.

And just hours before the fatal shooting, Nogales International reports, US Border Patrol agents informed the county sheriff's department of a 'possible active shooter' at the scene, with a man identifying himself as 'Allen' saying he was not sure if he was getting shot himself.

Webmaster addition: This was inevitable and no doubt the liberals will paint this rancher as the devil, but in the end, it was this open-border policy that has led to skyrocketing crime, drug and human smuggling, migrants dying in the desert, and now this persecution of a man for defending his home.

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A grief-stricken father has been pictured holding the hand of his 15-year-old daughter who was crushed to death beneath the rubble of a building in Turkey, which along with Syria has been rocked by a catastrophic earthquake disaster.  

UNICEF says it fears the girl could be one among thousands of children killed in the unfolding crisis, with more than 5,100 fatalities confirmed so far in the two countries. Scores more are trapped in the ruins of their demolished homes.

Two major quakes struck the region yesterday, followed by a 5.8-magnitude quake on Tuesday morning as rescue efforts to save trapped survivors continued - several of whom have sent videos and voice notes from their confines pleading for help.

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Gen. Glen VanHerck, commander of North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and Northern Command (NORTHCOM), admitted Monday that the joint U.S.-Canada organization missed previous incursions of Chinese spy balloons, including during the Trump administration.

When asked during a press briefing whether NORTHCOM was involved in tracking previous Chinese spy balloon that flew into the U.S. airspace during the Biden and Trump administrations, VanHerck responded:

So those balloons, so every day as a NORAD commander it’s my responsibility to detect threats to North America. I will tell you that we did not detect those threats. And that’s a domain awareness gap that we have to figure out. But I don’t want to go in further detail.

He indicated that the intelligence community tracked those previous balloons after the incursions through “additional means.”

“The intel community, after the fact — I believe has been briefed already — assess those threats to additional means of collection from additional means and made us aware of those balloons that were previously approaching North America or transited North America,” he said.

Webmaster addition: So, Biden says Trump allowed Chinese Death Star balloons to cross the US, Trump says it didn't happen, then Biden says Trump wasn't actually told, so someone gets the bright idea to ask NORAD which monitors the airspace over the nation. But NORAD doesn't want to come out and say the current Commander in Chief is a liar, so they just say, "Oops! We missed it!" Biden is planning to use this to start trouble with China or he would have dropped this idiocy by now.

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When recently questioned by reporters outside the U.S. Capitol about the ongoing debt ceiling fight, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) remarked, “the largest contributor to our deficit has been the Trump tax cuts.”

It’s an intellectually bankrupt argument that has been parroted by left-wing politicians and talking heads since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was debated and passed in 2017.

Fortunately, the facts have finally caught up with the tax cuts’ detractors while supporters have been vindicated. A new report from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) proves that, on top of the tax cuts contributing to one of the strongest economies in half a century pre-pandemic, the package didn’t compromise the federal budget.

The CBO data reveals the government collected a record $4.9 trillion in revenue last year, nearly $500 billion more than what had been projected. The uptick in government collection was experienced across the board. Receipts from corporate and individual income taxes surpassed expectations by about 25 and 11 percent respectively.

And 2022 wasn’t a fluke. Federal revenue is up a total of roughly $1.5 trillion since 2018, or about 40 percent since the tax cuts went into effect that same year.

Translation: instead of the tax cuts “costing” $1 trillion as the Joint Committee on Taxation originally predicted, tax receipts have soared.

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The US government continues to escalate world war with Russia, while contributing to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. The Biden regime has sent over $100+ billion to Ukraine, including a variety of munitions and weapons, with plans to send tanks, jets, and other weapons, with no resolve. The US, going out of their way to “protect” Ukraine, is clearly not seeking a peace treaty or any other measure of resolve. Any negotiations have been arrogant and escalatory. At times, the Biden regime has even threatened nuclear war with Russia, while treacherously guiding NATO into world war with Russia and China.

US spending hundreds of $ billions in Ukraine, with no exit plan

It is now apparent that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy seeks unlimited funds for war and looks to protect the corrupt empire of oligarchs installed by the Bidens and Clintons over the past seventeen years. These corrupt, establishment politicians will do anything they can to protect their assets (biolabs) and conceal their military operations in Ukraine, with no regard to the lives they destroy in the process.

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Without a black population, would New Orleans still be known as the murder capital of the USA? [Among young Black men in New Orleans, murder exacts a devastating toll: At current rates, 1 in 14 will be slain before they reach 35, NOLA.com, February 3, 2023]:

Two young men lay flat on the pavement, faces up, feet pointed at the other, motionless.

A wild shootout had just ended at noon on a Sunday outside the courtyard of an apartment complex on Chef Menteur Highway in New Orleans East, with no victor.

Justin Ganier was lined up in a parking stall, sneakers propped against a yellow curb, dead at age 23. Robert Moody, 25, wasn’t far behind, shot 17 times and bleeding through his clothes in a scene posted to Instagram.

The sudden, violent deaths of two young Black men settled a dispute that began the previous evening and escalated that morning — an eruption over baked treats, witnesses told police. Moody lived there with his girlfriend, who had invited a friend, Ganier and the couple’s young boy to stay.

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Rescuers in Turkey and Syria braved freezing darkness, aftershocks and collapsing buildings Tuesday, as they dug for survivors buried by a string of earthquakes that killed at least 5,000 people.

Disaster agencies said several thousand buildings were flattened in cities across a vast border region -- pouring misery on an area already plagued by war, insurgency, refugee crises and a recent cholera outbreak.

Through the night, survivors used their bare hands to pick over the twisted ruins of multi-storey apartment blocks -- trying to save family, friends and anyone else sleeping inside when the first massive 7.8-magnitude quake struck early Monday.

"Where is my mum?" asked a distraught seven-year-old girl who was pulled -- her face, hair and pyjamas covered in dust -- from a collapsed building in Hatay, on the Turkish side of the border.

The sense of disbelief was widespread, as residents struggled to comprehend the scale of the disaster.

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The first photos of the F-22 Raptor which shot down the spy balloon have been published - as it emerged the U.S. used U2 spy planes, first deployed during the Cold War, to monitor the Chinese balloon.

This comes as reports suggested that similar balloons were spotted previously in two more highly-sensitive military sites in Virginia and California, but the intelligence community classified them as UFOs.

The U-2S Dragon Lady spy planes were enlisted as part of last week's scramble to assess the balloon because they are able to fly at extremely high altitude.

Webmaster addition: Raising on a busted flush; desperate to distract Americans from Joe Biden's crimes and the failure in Ukraine!

Image removed.

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While New York teachers, and other city and state workers, were forced off the job for not complying with the Covid vaccine mandate, illegals pour into the United States without proof of any vaccines.
By: orraz
Posted on: Feb 06 19:00