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The following is from The Vaccine Reaction.

The U.S government is again funding gain-of-function (GoF) research with Chinese scientists to make a dangerous virus even more potent. This time it is with birds not bats. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) gave $1 million to fund risky research on bird flu viruses to the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing, China; the USDA Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory in Athena, Georgia and the University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute in Scotland.

US Officials Expect Israel to Launch Ground Invasion of Lebanon

Administration officials tell CNN they expect a ground incursion in late spring or early summer by Dave DeCamp February 29, 2024 at 4:35 pm ET Categories NewsTags Lebanon

The US Army is cutting its force by 24,000 and restructuring to be capable of fighting the next major wars as it struggles to recruit new troops, according to a new service document titled "Army Force Structure Transformation." What's behind the overhaul?

The cuts will diminish the US Army's size from roughly 494,000 to 470,000 troops by fiscal year 2029. According to the US press, counterinsurgency jobs, which increased during Washington's wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, will be slashed first.

Hunter Biden on Wednesday testified to Congress that his father, Joe, was indeed "the big guy" referenced in an email pertaining to a business deal with a Chinese state-linked energy company that made the Biden family and friends millions of dollars. He denied, however, that Joe Biden ever received a 10% stake as was indicated in the text message.

U.S. Marines and sailors from the Okinawa-based 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit and troops from Japan's 2nd Amphibious Rapid Deployment Regiment, have begun three weeks of amphibious training amid concerns of Chinese military moves around Japan and Taiwan.

In a recent development, Qin Gang, China's erstwhile foreign minister, has stepped down from his position in the national legislature, as reported by state media on Tuesday.

Qin's abrupt dismissal from his ministerial role in July last year marked one of the most unexpected political events in China in recent times.