"All men have their vices. In my lifetime I have collected the entire set! That makes me more of an authority than those who scream that thus-and-such is bad for you while at the same time insisting they have never experienced it themselves." -- Michael Rivero

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The Israeli prime minister pointed to a recent poll showing 4 out of 5 Americans support Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday responded to President Biden’s mention of a possible cease-fire in Gaza, saying a majority of Americans support Israel continuing its campaign until victory. 

Targets included underground weapons storage facilities, one-way attack unmanned aerial systems and air defense systems

A series of airstrikes carried out by the United States and the United Kingdom on Saturday destroyed or damaged 17 of 18 Houthi targets in Yemen, Department of Defense (DoD) officials told Fox News on Tuesday. 

Cordenner, a convicted felon, is legally prohibited from possessing guns

A Landsdale, Pennsylvania man faces several charges after he was spotted lurking around his ex-girlfriend’s house with night vision goggles and a loaded gun, according to officials.