"We are potentially the most dangerous agency in the country." -- FBI Director Louis Freeh, to the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, 1997

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Two GOP reps have introduced a new bill to extend benefits reserved for US government servicemembers to US citizens serving in the Israel Defense Forces.

Tons of our own servicemembers are struggling but the GOP wants to give their benefits away to troops serving in a foreign army!

Iran's President Raisi joined BRICS, called to drop US dollar, pushed for multipolar world MikeRivero

There is ZERO fear in equities right now as this chart warns of an impending financial implosion. alexmark

Former President Donald Trump had a lot to say about President Joe Biden during his speech at the Minnesota Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Reagan Dinner on Friday evening. A huge chunk of his criticism of the president had to do with Bidenomics and the rising inflation.

“Groceries are up 22 percent, eggs are up 50 percent, electricity’s up 40, 50, 60 percent, gasoline is up 56 percent, car insurance — you can’t even get it,” Trump stated.