Thought for the day

"To disarm the people is the best and most effectual way to enslave them." -- George Mason


Stuart Littlewood highlights the apparent indifference – words without deeds – of the World Council of Churches and church officials to the desperate calls of Palestinian Christians to save the Christian presence in the Israeli-occupied Holy Land. >>

"The office of the Scottish Information Commissioner declared on 22 June that it would investigate the City of Edinburgh Council over its failure to adhere to Freedom of Information (FOI) Legislation on matters pertaining to the council’s Gaza twinning petition.

On Sunday, Israeli Col. Roi Zweig said:

The army and the settlement enterprise are one and the same.

Zweig is commander of the Samaria Brigade, and he was speaking in the Elon Moreh national-religious settlement just northeast of Nablus in the northern Occupied Palestinian West Bank, at its religious Yeshiva seminary. The Colonel’s statement was not a slip, he was elaborate: