"We are potentially the most dangerous agency in the country." -- FBI Director Louis Freeh, to the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Crime, 1997

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Topics and stories informing analysis of today’s news:


1. Israel’s Orwellian-illegal ongoing War of Aggression on Gaza + Ukraine/WW3:

WATCH: College Admins Tell Texas Students They'll Be Arrested for Saying 'From The River to the Sea' ChrisMenahan

Administrators with the University of Texas at San Antonio filmed themselves telling student protesters that under an executive order signed by Governor Greg Abbott they'll be reported to law enforcement for criminal "antisemitic" speech if they chant "From the River to the Sea."

Gov. Abbott, a Republican, signed an Executive Order in March to require "all higher education institutions in Texas" to "review their free speech policies" to "establish appropriate punishments for antisemitic rhetoric."

The protests also marked the 76th anniversary of the mass expulsion of more than 700,000 Palestinians by Zionists upon the establishment of the Israeli regime in 1948. 

Palestinians refer to the tragic event, which falls on May 15 each year, as the Nakba, Arabic for catastrophe. 

Protesters in the United States rallied to commemorate the Nakba and call for an end to Israel’s war on Gaza.

NY police grab protesters 

Facing a severe crisis in the number of Ukrainians willing to fight, the regime in Kiev has resorted to press-ganging people who would normally be considered unfit for military service.

Under the auspices of Ukraine's new mobilization bill, convicted criminals who committed crimes deemed not serious by Kiev are now eligible to fight on the front lines.

A great, novel experiment in political physics is under way in the United States, as the unstoppable moral force of youth-led protests against Israel’s genocidal war in Gaza runs into the immovable object of the American power elite’s support for it.

NYPD Taking Heat Over Needless Violence Against Protesters Who Criticize Jews MikeRivero

The cops will just attack you on the streets if you criticize the Jews.

Nothing like this has ever happened before in America. It’s a totally new standard of lawlessness.

People will complain about it, but complaints don’t mean anything. If you complain, the cops will just beat you and gas you.

Morehouse Grads Turn Their Backs On Biden, Walk Out Of Ceremony MikeRivero

Some of the students who on Sunday attended the graduation ceremony at Morehouse College, one of the country’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), turned their back on President Joe Biden as he delivered a commencement address.

Biden delivers address at Morehouse College amid anger over Gaza war MikeRivero

Joe Biden has sought to address anger on United States university campuses over his support for Israel amid the war in Gaza, as the US president delivered a graduation speech at a historically Black college attended by Martin Luther King Jr.

Biden’s graduation speech on Sunday at Morehouse College in Atlanta, in the election battleground state of Georgia, aimed to encourage Black and young voters to support him ahead of US elections in November.