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"I am convinced that if we are to get on the right side of the world revolution, we as a nation must undergo a radical revolution of values. We must rapidly begin the shift from a "thing-oriented" society to a "person-oriented" society. When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, materialism and militarism are incapable of being conquered." -- Martin Luther King 

Because the Second Amendment isn’t the only red-headed stepchild of the Bill of Rights.

The Ninth Amendment, in today’s plain English, could be stated as:

The fact that some rights are specifically listed in the Constitution doesn’t mean that anything not listed is not a right, or that it’s a lesser right.

This was a valiant attempt at a “catch-all” Amendment, and it was needed, because the Tenth Amendment took the opposite approach for powers of the government:

A Tupelo detective said an armed robbery suspect walked up behind a compliant convenience store clerk Sunday morning and shot him in the back of the head," the Daily Journal reports.

"The clerk is very gracious and even gave him a stack of money he didn't ask for," detective Wes Kloac testified. "He opened the safe for him and gave him a bank bag."

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that the mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, along with other elected officials and state pension fund trustees, have requested that major credit card companies implement a weapon code for the purchase of firearms and ammunition.

Facing The Truth: Dem LA Mayor Speaks Out About 'Lost Angeles'

Crime continues to plague the city of Los Angeles. After two people broke into mayoral candidate Karen Bass’s home, she admitted that she didn’t feel safe in the city. The burglary comes months after she declared that the city was safe.

On June 30, 2022, the Heller Foundation, along with Dick Heller and Charles W. Nesby, filed a 42 U.S.C. § 1983 and § 1988 lawsuit against the District of Columbia. The claim is that 24 DCMR § 2343.1 of the District code is unconstitutional under the Second Amendment.  The section limits how much ammunition an individual may carry for the purposes of self-defense in DC.

24 DCMR § 2343.1


Russian nationals living in Estonia will have their firearms forcibly confiscated by the police if they refuse to hand them over voluntarily under a new law.

A man in the southern French city of Marseille is just the latest victim of fatal gun violence as the city continues to see gang violence carried out by those wielding illegally owned Kalashnikov-type rifles.

The fatal shooting took place on Sunday afternoon in front of a bakery in the 14th district of the city, as the victim, a 40-year man, was heading to the bakery where he worked.

Earlier this month, Visa, American Express, and Mastercard announced their decision to restructure the categorization of gun purchases. Going forward, a new processing code will be put into effect so gun sales are uniquely categorized, rather than just being listed as sporting goods.

U.S. Judge Landya McCafferty said last week that the plaintiff, Kyle Guay, failed to prove that SIG Sauer was aware that it had sold the pistol in an unreasonably dangerous condition in December 2016. Guay, who said in the lawsuit that he has "substantial firearms experience," claimed he was removing his holster with the pistol secured in it "when the pistol fired and hit him in the right thigh without him ever touching the trigger," according to a report from American Military News.

The California state Senate voted 28-8 Wednesday to exempt itself from the pointless gun-control laws that apply to the rest of the populace. Legislators apparently think they alone are worthy to pack heat on the streets for personal protection, and the masses ought to wait until the police arrive.